Market 179: Early 750B Sprint Project

Giulietta Sprint 750 B 1493*05372, 1315*04810. This car, for sale on Anamera for 13,500 Euro’s or about $19,500, actually sits in Ventura California.  The body has been primered to even out its appearance and protect it, but anyone taking this on will want to take it down to bare metal and start over.  I’m surprised it is still available considering the lack of rust.

I think primer was a good idea, gives it a look of being ‘almost there’.  Door and hood shut lines look pretty good and the nose is in great shape.  This car must have been very near the end of the small headlight run.

There is definitely some work to do here, but at least you don’t have to go through a bunch of welding and fabrication before you start it.

The rear of this series Sprint is great looking without bumpers and with the car lowered.  Tail lights are the early Carello type.

Floors pretty good – maybe a light patch in the passenger foot area then blast, seal against future rust and go.

According to this picture the car was originally Celeste blue with dark blue interior -a great combo.  That handle sticking out of the column is the shifter -usually touted as rare, but most of the early Sprints I’ve seen have it.  Gauges actually look really good.

All the stuff you want to see.  Bakelite is missing from valve cover nuts.  Exhaust manifold is early 4 into 1 style.  I wonder if it turns over.  Build plate is a little wrinkly.

It’s got a very solid trunk floor.

Ad text: “1957 Giulietta Sprint 750 Series 1 “Small Headlight – Column Shift”

Matching number engine. Very nice body with excellent door gaps. Good solid floors and trunk pan. I have the front and rear bumpers, but no headlight assemblies or other exterior trim. Originally powder blue. A great car to restore. This would make a fantastic event car. Great chance to acquire a rare early column shift Sprint at a reasonable price.

VIN # 1493 05372
Motor # 1315 04810
(both numbers match alloy ID plate on firewall)

Car is located in California. I am an experienced exporter and I can arrange shipment to many European ports for $995 via Los Angeles. “

This gives you an idea how clean the underside is.  It also shows that the driveline components are undisturbed.

Rockers look great, but then these open rockers usually do -even on rusty cars.

Price is strong considering the lack of some hard to find trim parts, but makes sense when the lack of rust is taken into account.  It would be a good car to combine with a rusty but complete parts car- but that assumes someone would find any early Sprint, no matter how bad, a parts car.  I’ve seen some really rusty cars repaired, and repaired well, especially in Europe.

2009 Sprint Market review.


3 thoughts on “Market 179: Early 750B Sprint Project

  1. This will be a nice event car for it’s new owner. I’m surprised its not offered by Michael Long at Fast Cars of California, (in OC). He finds more early Sprints than anyone I know.

  2. Hi Mike:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. I hope you are doing well and remember me. I sold you parts 20 years ago in Panorama City. I am looking for seats for a 1961 Alfa Romeo Spider or Giulietta – Metal Buckets or complete seats in any condition. The seats can be from other Alfas, Fiats, etc. Can you find them for me?

    I look forward to your response and you can also reach me at: 805-497-7003.

    Thank for your help,

    Mirek Grolman
    German Tech
    2141 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

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