Market 178: RHD Giulia 1600 Sprint

Giulia Sprint 1600 10112. I have taken to ignoring advertisements for cars where the VIN number is not mentioned, an arbitrary filter of sorts to keep me from spending all my time on Market Reports if you will, but this car, off of the awkwardly named Car and Classic dot com, deserves mention because I think it’s the first right hand drive late 1600 Sprint I’ve seen. Maybe one of my UK based readers will recognize it and have a VIN for it they can send along. Alfa did about 400 RHD 1600 Spiders with their own Tipo number -10119, I wonder if a RHD Sprint has its own Tipo number? RHD SS’s don’t.

Looks like a very nice Sprint with exemplary chrome and paint. Is it Good wood or Goodwood? Either way, it’s one of the places I need to visit someday during their Festival of Speed Week. Why don’t they have a car show with period dress required of attendees here in the USA? Oh yeah, we are on average a nation of slobs so attendance would be low. All of my usual ‘great shut lines, well aligned trim bits etc’ apply. I don’t think this car has a bonnet spear. Note Giulia Super type side lights. I like the cartoonish rake of the antenna -something I’ve not seen on one of these before. I wonder if they relocated the locking door handle to the right side along with the steering wheel?

This is really very nice. Windows look a little steamed up -must be the up-rated heater (see below). Note there is no target type Alfa badge on the boot lid.

I like a nice crisp British description: “Alfa Red with Black interior, 65000 Miles, 1600cc 5 Speed, MOT October 2010, Comprehensive Service History from 2001 to date from last 3 owners with bills totalling over £14,000 many from established Alfa specialist and previous sales receipt, structurally superb, Engine superb. Gear box very good, Previous lady owner, uprated Clayton D9 heater matrix, Recent brake overhaul, chrome bright work complete and in very good order with a few minor blemishes. A beautiful and very useable Classic Alfa being offered for sale privately. Car located by Goodwood Revival Motor Racing Circuit, Chichester, West Sussex.
Please contact Nigel or Kay for further details. No time wasters, test pilots or advertising agencies please. Private Sale”

I think most of these cars had an all black interior. If the one inch of white on the drivers side ‘A’ pillar is any indication, the headliner is white. Drivers seat bottom shows quite a bit more settling in than the passengers. All in all, an invitingly appointed interior.

This area is reserved for dogs of up to medium size, bags, groceries, children in the pre-child-safety-seat era and in my cars case, the odd jacket. Looks like I was correct about the headlining.

To avoid the risk of falling into the category of time wasters I will not be contacting Nigel or Kay about their very nice Giulia Sprint just to get the cars VIN number, but if you have 27,500 pounds (about $44,500 at time of writing), are not a test pilot, live in one of the right hand drive countries and find this car attractive enough to want to see it in your garage, I encourage you to drop them a line.

2009 Sprint Market review has the comps.


4 thoughts on “Market 178: RHD Giulia 1600 Sprint

  1. Just so you don’t turn up at the wrong event in period dress, the Goodwood Revival is the one where everyone dresses up in clothing from before 1967, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is for cars of all eras. Both are excellent, but the Revival is pretty special.

    Great site, by the way.

    • Thanks, that’s the sort of confusion that happens when you write a post at 4 in the morning when you can’t sleep but aren’t totally awake.


  2. Sprints (750 or 101) were never available in r/h drive form from the Factory. Very few were converted in the UK by Radfords (mostly known for their convertible convesions on Ford Cortinas and luxury Minis).
    Although you can easily re-position the instrument cluster, the remanufacturing of the entire dashboardcould not have been an easy job !

    George Vallindas / Athens-Greece
    (1962 Giulia 101 Sprint)

  3. I know this response is three years late… but here goes. As George mentioned, Sprints were never made in RHD form, although the 101.19 Giulia 1600 Spider was offered in RHD from 1963. The main UK converter from LHD to RHD was Ruddspeed (K.N.Rudd Engineers Ltd, the racer and tuner of A.C Aces amongst other things) of Worthing down in Sussex. My car, a RHD-converted 1963 1600 Sprint, still carries the Ruddspeed plate on the firewall. Interestingly, it has a chassis number starting with 382 rather than the usual 35x. Only two cars were built with the ‘382’ prefix. Mine was sold directly to Rudds in January 1963; the other to Thomson & Taylor (UK Alfa main dealers) soon after. Fusi does not list either of these cars, and it took Marco Fazio some time to locate them in factory records. It is speculated that my car may have been a development car for an aborted larger-scale RHD conversion program. It was reported at the time (Motor Sport, Dec 1962) that Thomson & Taylor had expressed their dissatisfaction to the Alfa factory regarding the lack of RHD in the 101 cars they were trying to sell, and that the Alfa factory was going to provide the full range as RHD during 1963. Rudds were approved by the Alfa factory to do the RHD conversion on a range of cars including Giulia Sprint Speciales and 2600 Sprints and had been converting Giuliettas since the late 1950s, so it makes sense that they would have been involved in any such program.

    Re George’s comments on remaking the dashboard, mine has a properly shaped replacement top made as a fibreglass casting by Miles Marine & Structural Plastics, rather than the cut-and-shut metal used in earlier conversions. Again, this supports the possibility of a larger-scale conversion program, as it would have taken some time and effort to produce the casting mould – not likely for a one-off.

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