Fasteners 4 and Engine 7: small progress

With all these market summaries and Spiders to write about I’ve been neglecting to have my postings keep pace with my progress on the SS.  This is not a total disaster because I really haven’t done anything momentus, just more plating and small jobs on the engine rebuild.

Over the winter break I torqued the lower end and head all together so the engine is ready for final assembly, but the details of final assembly have taken some time, mainly due to a missing lock nut.  Sorry for the quality of these pictures, they were taken on my phone because I didn’t have my camera.

These lock nuts that go over the main nuts that you torque down are strange.  They are sheetmetal and when you tighten them down they flex and distort, and I think the distortion creates a spring force that makes them not want to loosen. After torquing the lower end I found the bag of them from when I took this engine apart.  I was surprised to find only seven in the bag.  I must have lost one or maybe I used one on the Sprint engine rebuild last winter and just don’t remember.   Good news: I have extras, bad news: they are inside a completely assembled engine.

This 101 1300 was in the Spider when I got it.  Frozen, crappy looking and unnumbered.  I hoped it had never been apart so I would have a valuable uncut 1300 crank and unshaved head.  I was disappointed on the crank front (.010 under), still don’t know on the head front.  Yes, as a matter of fact there is a lot of sludge in that oil pan.  Need to clean it up and put the pan assembly on eBay.  Once I removed the oil pan baffle I removed the little lock washer, cleaned it and assembled it into the 00121.  Sweet, only an hours extra work.

Another by-product of taking that engine apart was getting all the oil pan screws I will need for my rebuild.  These are all the original ‘LOBO’ marked fasteners.  I’ll clean and plate them before assembly.  They should probably be black chromate finish but I’ll do them in zinc.  That little bracket with two holes goes under the carb and acts as a washer and guide for the fuel drip hose on single carb cars.  Neat.

Just for kicks I have been plating any extra original bolts I have for use later.  These are also marked ‘LOBO’ or ‘2 F’ on the head.  Someday at a car show I will not be deducted a point for using incorrect fasteners.  I know this is unnecessary and will add time to my project, but I like doing it so oh well.

New drawer in the storage cabinet for these bolts.  At some point I will be assembling something and just grab what I need out of here and be on my way.

I know, I had two weeks off work and big plans to fill that time at the shop, but it was cold, I had a lot of holiday related family engagements and friends in town so I just didn’t get much done, maybe 4 hours total.  I did get the pedal box rebuilt with replated fasteners and a new clutch pedal rubber bump stop and ready for assembly into the car along with some new suspension parts but that is a post for another day.

Maybe I should go into the fastener restoration business.  It’s kind of fun cleaning and plating them now that I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

The next installment is here.

The previous installment is here.


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