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While I was reading through the 107 market reports of 2009 and compiling the wrap up reports for the different models there were some real stand outs. It’s not because they were necessarily good deals or well restored or anything like that, they were just cars I liked and in a few cases really wanted to try and buy. Fortunately I am becoming  immune to the desire to buy all these cars, perhaps from seeing so many every week.  BTW:  There are links to all the 2009 market summaries at the end of this post.

So here they are starting with number one:

Market 131 will prove to be a source of irritation to me and probably others for years to come. Not only did it sell for cheap, it was complete, not far from roadworthy, came from a longterm alfisti and for me anyway, was a Giulietta with perfect patina. If I had known the auction was going to end at $27,000 I WOULD have figured out how to buy it.

Dare to dream or at least don’t be afraid to admit it. This car, the Abarth wreck rebodied by Colani in the early 60’s was for sale this year and I did write about it but it was not a Market Report, so maybe I am cheating here. I think this car is sexy and I want it. Last I heard it was still available and I don’t think the asking price was huge when it was at Retromobile. Maybe there is hope.

Market 118 was this Giulietta TI out of Mexico. Inexpensive, and presentable, I’d have driven it to work today if it was mine.

It all started for me with a Sprint so it’s only fitting that one of the best of the breed be here in the form of Market 98. This early 750B displays an attention to originality and detail that few would try and achieve. Price of entry is steep but try and replicate it, I dare you.

This 750D Spider from Market 166 was the perfect combination of early, quirky, usable and close to home and it had me lamenting my meager savings account. Someday…


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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Cars for sale in 2009 on

  1. Totally agree about the Spider and the TI. Solid, drivable cars that would make a a perfect trifecta with your (or my) Sprint.

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