Market 176: Interim Spider Veloce

Update 1/12/10: Auction ended with 18 bids at $16,751.  If the commenter who outlined this cars history on Craigslist is right, then this is a pretty good result for the seller.  Not really a bad price to pay for a Spider Veloce either if that’s what you want and you’re looking for a pretty good project.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*05693. This car, an early 1959, is on eBay out of Colorado.  It looks like the seller saw the action some Spider Veloce’s were getting in late 2009 and decided it was time to send it on its way.

Looks presentable with shiny chrome/stainless, straight panels and decent paint.  I like the color.

Does the lack of vent windows mean it’s a short wheel base (SWB) car?  Not necessarily, but usually.  I don’t mind the body color wheels in this color, but correct silver makes them ‘pop’ as people in industries concerned with color would say.  Door fit is great.

The trunk fit is very good and the bumper looks great.  Lucas tail lights and license plate light look original.

Mirror on door is later style, this would have one of those delicate looking single bolt lucas mirrors.  Door gaps over here are good too.

Close up reveals what was suspected earlier -trim pieces are in great condition.  Note the little license plate holder.  I still can’t tell if this is more cream color or light gray.

Gauges are yellower than usual, trim ring on steering wheel doesn’t look to be very well fit.  Everything else looks good -well, besides the wheel wrap.

Red all over the place -I think the steering column would have been black from the factory.  Repaint the engine compartment to match the body before the Veloce engine goes in.  Weber is probably a DGV.  Head is 105 series but with early 750 valve cover bolts.  Lots to do but at least it runs so you can use it while you track down the Veloce bits needed to rebuild the Veloce block the car comes with.

Considering the 2009 year end Spider Veloce sales push and its lack of rust, this car may do pretty good.  It needs thousands of dollars worth of Veloce components underhood and could stand some details improved but those can be taken care of in time.  Maybe buy this and the Market 150 car, combine the best of both cars and sell off the rest?

2009 Spider Veloce sales here.


7 thoughts on “Market 176: Interim Spider Veloce

  1. Just a little background on this car. This car was bought about 3 months ago off of Craigslist in Denver. It sold for $10,000 along with a ’57 Spider body (which is where the engine in this car came from). The car has been cleaned up, but otherwise appears to be the same as when bought. I’m pretty sure it has not been driven in years. The current owner bought it “to restore with his son”. I guess the current market changed his mind!

  2. This car will end up selling in the $20k range. That is a cool profit for a short term investment better and a whole lot safer than the Stock Market. Like wise, I feel like depleting my inventory. I can truly sympathize.

  3. I agree that $20K is a fair price. Given that the car does not run (note he only says the engine ran, not the car i.e. who knows about the breaks, clutch, transmission, and rear end). AND the price to get all the Veloce parts will be VERY expensive. Essentially the only Veloce parts that you would NOT have to buy are the tach and the rear end (assuming that it is a Veloce rear end). Also I just noticed that the wheels do not match, one side has Borani (Veloce) wheels and the other side has normale wheels! I wonder if the seller knows?

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