SZ SVZ and other rarities Market review 2009

Below are the cars that sell in such small numbers that it doesn’t make sense have a separate review for each. Still in order of least to most expensive with in most cases just the asking price identified.  I’ll try to find enough Giulietta Sedans and SZ’s this year to have reviews for each next year.

Market 94 was this 10109 Giulietta TI for 750 pounds, about $1200. Rusty, complete and cheap.

Market 118 was 1468*22622, a not too bad TI in Mexico that sold for the bargain price of $6100.

Market 115 was Gran Sport Quattroroute 4R 10123*393050, a nice example that sold at auction for $53,000.  Note that these were built on the Giulia Spider platform.

Market 130 was this car listed in Norway as a prototype for 40,000 Euros or about $57,000. Little information is given. Anyone know anything about this car?

Market 141 was 10126*00067, a nice Sprint Zagato at Fantasy Junction with a $268,500 asking. I believe this car is still there and still for sale.

Market 79 was 10126 00107, one of three SZ’s on the market in 2009.  A sweet car without a price stated.  I guessed between $250,000 – 350,000.

Market 137 was 10126*00184, maybe my personal favorite Giulietta, a Sprint Zagato Coda Tronca, also at Fantasy Junction, this one for $355,000.

Market 87 was 750E 1493 06936. This SVZ actually was stamped 02028 before a brave soul decided to scratch the paint off the firewall. Both numbers are accepted as cars rebodied by Zagato. It just occurs to me that 02028 would be Mille Miglia eligible while 06936 would not. A possible explanation? No price stated on this car.

There you have it, the cheap and expensive stuff.  One more 2009 market to go!


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