Spider Market review 2009

It has been on my mind as I write the other 2009 market reviews that the Spider review is going to take some time to complete, there having been a lot of Spider sales in 2009. I am thinking this will be my longest post ever. I think this will be helpful to anyone buying, selling or trying to figure out the future value of restoration work. Enjoy!

Market 39 was 10104 1495*11267, selling for $2025 after a year of eBay runs. I think the difficulty with this car was location and portability. How do you transport a car from an absolute middle of nowhere dirt road that doesn’t have wheels or even axles to mount them on?

Market 139 was most of 750D 1495*00808, selling for $2500. Buy that Sprint 750 nose that’s been on eBay perpetually and create your very own abominale.

Market 83 was 750D 1495*02549, selling for I think about $2500. This was kind of cool because you got the shell, the block and an email from Alfa’s archive matching the two.

Market 110 was 10103*370645, my car briefly, bought for $1500 towing included, then sold for $3000 after having about $700 worth of parts purchased for it and a bunch of work done. Some rust, some dents but a pretty good car.

Market 160 was 10123*392625, listed as a parts car and disappearing from eBay without a sales price. I’ll call it $3000 in recognition of its rust.

Market 154 was 10103 1495*10862, a challenging incomplete roller with a surprising lack of rust that made $3100.

Market 89 was 10123*373179, a project abandoned when the money was about to be spent and now languishing outside and unsold for $3850.

Market 101 was 750D 1495*04751, an unremarkable shell and pile of parts that failed to sell for $4000. I spoke to the guy that ended up buying this and he somehow came to the conclusion it was a Veloce. Sorry man…

Market 138 was 750D 1495*05384, runner up this year as recipient of the tetanus award, selling for $4250.

Market 100 was 10123*392006, a very late production car in rough condition that failed to sell for $4250. Was purchased off the Alfa BB for $1500 not long before turning up on eBay.

Market 163 was 10103 1495*09110, selling for $5000 even. It was a pretty good shell to pair with an incredibly rusty runner.

Market 164 was 10103*170861, one of the bare shell racer rollers that you could have bought this year. This one came with almost nothing and made $5025

Market 173 was 10103 1495*09829, a roller with not much rust and lots of included parts. About right at $5200.

Market 153 was 750D 1495*06230, your usual roller with boxes and boxes of parts and not much rust for $5451.45.

Market 159 was 10103*171165 which made $6200. This seemed like a pretty good deal as it was not so far apart that you couldn’t just rub it down, replace some sundries and drive it.

Market 125 was 10123*379887, a rusty though complete barn find that made $6433.

Market 129 was 750D 1495*05382, 100% juiced and failing to sell for $8650. Pretty solid car -would have been a good buy at that price.

Market 103 was 10123*379585, sold part way through a budget fresh up for $9211. A decent buy as a shiny, some assembly required near driver.

Market 148 was 750D 1495*02951, making $9227 at the end of its second eBay run. It went back for thirds and maybe even fourths, but probably failed to sell. You have to be careful building something like this -not many people will share your vision or pay to take it off your hands. Fortunately it is an early car and will probably end up somewhat back to original eventually.

Market 112 was two cars, among them this fellow, 750D 1495*03676, for sale in Australia but attracting no bids at $10,000.

Market 96 was 10123*379169 which was pulled at the last minute so no final price was recorded. Auction started at $9500 and was bid to just over $10,000 when it disappeared. A car that could have been a driver without a lot of work.

Market 88 was 10103*170618, recipient of the 2009 tetanus award for its incredible rust and ambitious price of 8000 Euro’s -about $11,500 at time of writing. One of my funnier posts if I do say so.

Market 95 was 10123*375858 which sold for $12,200 in June. Also sold for $6250 in March and is now available in the Netherlands for 11,500 Euro or $17,200 at time of writing. We have not seen the last of this one.

Market 119 was 10103 1495*11341 which despite being amazingly awesome sold for $13,500. I should have snapped this up. Was a bargain if the engine was well put together.

Market 121 was 3 cars, one of which was 10123*374706 selling for $13,500 after the seller lowered the buy it now price $1000. A pretty good deal based on the pictures.

Market 166 was 750D 1495*02713 out of San Diego Ca for $14,000 asking and among this years best bargains.

Market 162 was 10123*373358 which sold for $14,000. A good deal if it turns out to be a healthy car.

Market 133 was 10103*09766, a charming car that sold for $15,530. Well bought.

Market 86 was 10123*373862, nicely restored then crashed. Probably a good deal at $15,776.

Market 84 was 10123*379860, a solid driver for use or restoration, priced fairly at $16,500.

Market 174 was 750D 1495*08393, an ‘as found’ near runner in very presentable shape that failed to sell for $16,600.

Market 121 was 3 cars, one of which was 10123*372601 which made $17,057, decent money for a decent car.

Market 127 was 750D 1495*02420, assembled in Mexico by Willys Overland in one of those labor added trade deals that were common back then, and making $18,100 this past summer. Gorgeous color combo and a good buy.

Market 120 was 10103*171685, exactly my kind of patina rich driver and failing to sell for $18,100.

Market 128 was repeat customer 10123*379954, a handsome driver with only modest needs for $23,995.

Market 161 was 10123*372671, a clean, functional and well cared for car that reached $26,100 but failed to sell. It went through eBay a few more times but I failed to record subsequent results.

Market 165 was a pretty sweet driver in need of nothing that sold for $27,000. One of those deals where you buy the restoration and get the car for free.

Market 142 was 10123*379928, selling for $30,000. This auction was noteworthy for its use of an embedded video of a drive in the car and the fact that it sold during its second eBay tour for $1000 more than the buy it now price of the first tour. Good Job!

Market 113 was 10103*171443, very nicely put together and ready for action, at $33,100 not cheap but well worth it as a turn key driver.

Market 126 was 10123*375817, a very nice example but well sold at $33,100. 10118 Veloce money in my opinion.

Market 85 was 10123*375698 for $33,500, a nice enough car, but a little over priced I think -again 10118 Veloce money. Not sure if it eventually sold.

Market 151 was 10103*170686, a well turned out example needing only some underhood detailing to be great. No takers at $34,500.

Market 146 was 10103 170953, selling for $35,000. It was the right color combo, well presented, well described and well sold. This car makes me want to paint my SS gray.

Market 77 was 750D 1495*04904 apparently selling for $40,000. I say apparently because it didn’t look like a $40K car to me -a clean usable early car yes, but $40K worth? Never saw it again so maybe so.

Market 111 was 750D 1495*06320 sold in Germany for probably close to the asking price of 39,500 Euro’s or about $52,000 at the time of writing. Another car for more money than any Spider Veloce sale in 2009 that I recorded.

Market 172 was 750D 1495*05689, at The Gallery and priced at 35,950 Euro’s or $57,500 at the time of writing. More expensive than any Spider Veloce sale recorded in 2009.

Phew -made it. That was a lot of work but worth it as it’s interesting to see them all together. Lots of red Spiders, lots of late 1600’s and lots of needy projects with a few reasonably priced runner drivers in the middle. I can’t wait to see what 2010 brings.

Two more 2009 market reports to go and then I can get back to the regularly scheduled program.

2009 Market reviews:

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