The Sprint 750B first series

As 8/11/10 there are 59 first series 750B Sprints on the register.

See. It’s like our 1900 Sprint only smaller.

The 20th of April, 1954 the Sprint debuted at the ‘Salon de Torino’ car show. To generate interest a lottery was held where they were going to give away 50 cars (or was it 200?) to lucky winners. I don’t know that anyone ever received a ‘lottery’ Sprint but I have read that the winners were called but no cars were ready to give away. Public anticipation for the car is said to have been intense. Nuccio Bertone has been quoted as saying that if he had known how many Sprints Bertone would eventually have to build he would not have accepted the contract.

A wooden ‘buck’ was used to give body panels their shape. A craftsman beat metal panels by hand on this. I don’t know how many of these bucks Bertone had in their workshops, not many I suspect. It’s possible, highly probably in fact, that if you own a 750 Sprint, its panels were formed on this.

The first Sprint prototype. A chick magnet even then.

In 1954 Giulietta Sprint 750B chassis numbers 1493*00011 – 00023 are recorded by Fusi. Prototypes definitely existed, I have seen pictures of several besides that seen above, but I am not certain whether these have chassis numbers that are included in this range.

Specifications from the 1954 Sprint brochure:
Cylinders: 4
Bore: 74mm
Stroke: 75mm
Cylinder capacity: 1290 cc
Power at 6000 r.p.m.: 65 HP
Wheel-base: 7 ft. 10 ins.
Track: 4 ft. 2 ins.
Overall length: 12 ft. 9 ins.
Weight empty: 1980 pounds
Maximum speed: 100 m.p.h.
Fuel Consumption
(CUNA standards): 36 m.p.g.
Tyres: 155 x 15
Electrical Equipment: 12 volt

Early advertising photograph of a 1954 Giulietta Sprint 750B in front of the ‘Arco Di Trionfo’ in Milan.

1f56_27Here’s how the numbers are supposed to look. 750 B Sprints had body numbers starting with 1493 and engines of type 1315*0XXXX. Bertone body numbers started with 65, which can barely be seen above. Early on the Alfa assigned body number closely tracked the Bertone assigned body number but by the end of the run, it lagged by an average of 611 which Is why I say ~6000 of this series of Sprint were built.

IMG_0308750B 1493*00349, 1315*00364, Bertone body 65345. Typical early car front with small headlights, ‘eyebrow’ grill trim and one piece center grill. Earliest cars are said to have aluminum hood and trunk lids.

IMG_0317Same car as above. Note that dash is body color, that the knobs for the controls are a bit different than later cars and it’s column shift. I read frequent commentary to the effect that column shift was rare for these cars, I think the earlier the car, the more likely it is to be column shift. I’d be surprised if less than a quarter of this series Sprint were column shift Cambio Volante.

7966e6d233Another early dash, this one in 1493*01149. Horn button looks like later style to me with horn and flasher built into the same button. Note this car is also column shift. I don’t have any pictures of an early car that is not column shift.

b4229f8c69Same car as above. This is what the early door panels looked like. Cream colored insert is textured cloth, blue is vinyl of some sort.

Tail LightThe earliest style tail light.

4a5045a7ec An early 750B engine. Most easily identified by the fuel pump above the water pump and the in-hose thermostat. Tudor washer bottles as seen here are hard to find. If one gets deep into the mechanical parts book for the Giulietta, there are small differences to be found among the first 1000 or so cars. They changed carbs and manifolds a couple of times, but the basic 750 series engine was nearly perfect right from the beginning.

Rare -and some would say for good reason- factory light green.  Mauro Baroni took this picture!


750B 1493*00011 – 00023, 1315*00001 – 00012

Sprint 750B 1493*00071, 1315*00039. 1954/12/xx.


750B 1493*00024 – 01438, 1315*00013 – 01430

Sprint 750B 1493*00024. 1955/1/5. England.

Sprint 750B 1493*00159. AR301. Italy

Sprint 750B 1493*00349, 1315*00364, 65345. Sweden.

Sprint 750B 1493*00396. Sweden.

Sprint 750B 1493*00555, 1315*00541, 1955/07/04/. 65549. AR501.

Sprint 750B 1493*00656, 1315*00648, 65650

Sprint 750B 1493*00668, 1315*00744. USA. M298.

Sprint 750B 1493*00871. UK.

Sprint 750B 1493*00977, 1315*01023, 65970

Sprint 750B 1493*01139. Italy. ’08 MM.

Sprint 750B 1493*01149. 651149. 1955/11/26. England. M98.

Sprint 750B 1493*01325. Project, UK.

Sprint 750B 1493*01365, 1315*01432. USA. M251.

Sprint 750B 1493*01398. 651389. AR501. Column Shift. USA.


750B 1493*01439 – 03545, 1315*01431 – 03285

Sprint 750B 1493*01521. 1956/01/13. Zagato rebody. Belgium.

Sprint 750B 1493*01682, 1315*01758.USA. M242.

Sprint 750B 1493*01687. Joop. Race seats/roll cage. 101 tail lights

Sprint 750B 1493*01840, 1315*01821. Italy.

Sprint 750B 1493*01864. 651809, M32.

Sprint 750B 1493*01885, 1315*01862. Column shift. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*01996. 651916, Italy

Sprint 750B 1493*02095, 1315*02131. 1956/05/08. 652001. AR501. Portugal.

Sprint 750B 1493*02231. Switzerland.

Sprint 750B 1493*02243.

Sprint 750B 1493*02563. 652375.

Sprint 750B 1493*02864, 1315*02723. 652658. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*02880. Column Shift. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*03146, 1315*03053. Now 1315*40174. M58.

Sprint 750B 1493*03148. Column Shift.

Sprint 750B 1493*03176. 652968.

Sprint 750B 1493*03396. USA. Column Shift. M255.

Sprint 750B 1493*03443, 1315*03449. Europe.

Sprint 750B 1493*03455, 00109*02385. 653204. 1956/12/05. AR706. South Africa.

Sprint 750B 1493*03510, 1315*03211. 1956/10/12.

Sprint 750B 1493*03511. 1956/10/12.


Sprint 750B, 1493*03546 – 06008, 1315*03286 – 05400

Sprint 750B 1493*03822, 1315*03887.M23.

Sprint 750B 1493*03881, 1315*03358. 653137.

Sprint 750B 1493*04045. M175. Belgium.

Sprint 750B 1493*04327, 1315*03847. 653855.M30.

Sprint 750B 1493*04421. 653922. UK Project.

Sprint 750B 1493*04791, 1315*04321. 1957/07/03. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*04813, 1315*04310. 654203. M144. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*04891, 1315*04348. M48. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*04953. Mexico. M68.

Sprint 750B 1493*05021, 1315*04456. 1957/07/18(?). 654410.

Below (in green) are from the pages of the Sprint production log at the archive in Italy, a picture of which is in d’Amico and Tabucchi. City or Country listed is destination of car.

Sprint 1493*05053, 1315*04458. 1957/07/18. Roma. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05054, 1315*04539. 1957/07/22. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05055, 1315*04496. 1957/07/16. Roma. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05056, 1315*04536. 1957/07/22. Milano. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05057, 1315*04544. 1957/07/18. Padova. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05058, 1315*04577. 1957/07/22. Spagna. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05059, 1315*04509. 1957/07/25. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05060, 1315*04495. 1957/07/22. Roma. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05061, 1315*04515. 1957/07/18. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05062, 1315*04525. 1957/07/17. Napoli. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05064, 1315*04552. 1957/07/17. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05065, 1315*04478. 1957/07/22. Bologna. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05066, 1315*04531. 1957/07/23. Catania. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05067, 1315*04524. 1957/07/18. Napoli. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05068, 1315*04489. 1957/07/18. Milano. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05069, 1315*04563. 1957/07/26. Venezuela. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05070, 1315*04444. 1957/07/26. a. d&T Ref.

Sprint 1493*05071, 1315*04522. 1957/07/18. Milano. d&T Ref.

Sprint 750B 1493*05149, 1315*04554 (original) now Veloce engine. 1957/07/25. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*05174. 654565(?).

Sprint 750B 1493*05262. 1957/08/xx. AR901. South Africa.

Sprint 750B 1493*05372.

Sprint 750B 1493*05388, 1315*04771. 1957/08/xx.

Below (in green) are from the pages of the Sprint production log at the archive in Italym, a picture of which is in Giuliettaletta 96. City or Country listed is destination of car.

Sprint 1493*05433, 1315*04877. 1957/09/14. Venezuela. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05434, 1315*04858. 1957/09/21. Belgio. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05435, 1315*04822. 1957/09/18. Padova. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05436, 1315*04793. 1957/09/16. Padova. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05437, 1315*04853. 1957/09/16. Padova. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05438, 1315*04787. 1957/09/24. Bologna. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05439, 1315*04879. 9/20/57. UK now. Francia. G96.

Sprint 1493*05440, 1315*04805. 9/16/57. Bologna. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05441, 1315*04894. 9/24/57. Casablanca. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05442, 1315*04899. 1957/09/26. Padova. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05443, 1315*04832. 1957/09/18. Padova. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05444, 1315*04836. 1957/09/18. Bologna. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05445, 1315*04866. 1957/09/20. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05446, 1315*04876. 1957/09/16. Milano. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05447, 1315*04884. 1957/09/18. Roma. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05448, 1315*04699. 1957/09/18. Padova. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05449, 1315*04812. 1957/09/18. Bologna. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05450, 1315*04888. 1957/09/23. Padova. G96. Ref.

Sprint 1493*05451, 1315*05047. 1957/10/11. Francia. G96. Ref.

Sprint 750B 1493*05588. 654477(?).

Sprint 750B 1493*05684. Zagato(?) rebody. Japan.

Sprint 750B 1493*05704, 1315*05174. 655104. 1957/11/05. AR706. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*05833. 655220.

Sprint 750B 1493*05880. 1957/11/28. 655288. South Africa.

Sprint 750B 1493*05931. 1957/11/29.


750B 1493*06009 – 06611, 1315*05401 – 06903

Sprint 750B 1493*06150. AR501. Denmark.

Sprint 750B 1493*06227, 1315*05611. 1958/01/21. AR706. NL.

Sprint 750B 1493*06246. 655634.

Sprint 750B 1493*06248, 1315*05668. 655636. M494.

Sprint 750B 1493*06329, 1315*05724. 655717.M9

Sprint 750B 1493*06344. 655732

Sprint 750B 1493*06355. UK.

Sprint 750B 1493*06359. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*06440. UK.

Sprint 750B 1493*06446. USA.

Illustration of the first 1315 engine as found in the Sprint. Note intake manifold is ‘thermostat in hose’ type, early style air box and tunnel case transmission.


11 thoughts on “The Sprint 750B first series

  1. I a´m the owner of ch:nr. 1493-05070
    Of the road for some 30 yers hopfuly back on the road in 12 months time

    Regards /Kare Linden (sweden)

  2. Hi Matt,

    I am the owner of 6227. Off the road since about 1979. I want to have it on the road next year, after more then 25 year in my possesion

    Erik W – The Netherlands

  3. I own 1493.00356, built in May 1955, sold new to San Francisco and last registered in Troy, NY in 1961. Largely original, missing original engine and trans, under restoration.

    • Hi Tom, I own 1493.00669. Was off the road for a long time and I’m just at the beginning of the restoration. I would be interessted in exchanging thoughts, experiences etc. Please get in touch


  4. Hi
    i,m the owner of 04726,
    being restored in Australia.
    Its in need of some front was complete but rusted.
    info@historicvintagerestorations .com
    check out we site

  5. Hi Matt,

    I tried to reach you through your e-mail address sprint at giuliettas dot com, but the server returned an error message “address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.”

    Any idea when exactly Alfa Romeo changed the way to start the car from pulling a handle to turning a key? Apparently this is only the case for very early 750B’s, but I’m looking for specific chassis numbers when Alfa Romeo discontinued the starting handle and replaced it with a turn of the ignition key.

    Also, are there any pictures in the list above showing how this starting handle looks and where it is exactly located under the dashboard? I looked at all of them, but when you’re not sure what to look for, it’s difficult to put your finger on it.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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