Sprint Veloce Confortevole 750E

For whatever reason, the lightweight Sprint Veloce was discontinued in 1957. I have read it had to do with a lack of competitiveness against the Zagato Giulietta variants and the imminent launch of the Sprint Speciale among others. I would argue economics had as much to do with it as anything else. The manufacturing inefficiencies required of a special lightweight body separate from the Normales, along with its peculiar trim could be eliminated if they built the Veloce out of a lightly modified Normale body. This is just what they did and the Confortevole was born.

bodynumberThis is the Bertone body stamping for a Veloce Confortevole. Note that it ends with an *A*. The body was the same as the normale Sprint but… well probably not totally. The Sprint Veloce lightweight ceased to be the weapon of choice on the race track some time in 1957 and the lightweight was no doubt expensively inefficient to produce so they stopped making it, replacing it with the Confortevole, which was intended to fill more of a GT market segment than that as a dedicated race car.

Framed wind up windowsThe first 50 cars had this arrangement with the aluminum frame and wind up window. I’ve never seen the guts so I cant say if it has any differences below the surface. The last 149 had regular wind up windows, 142 of these 1493*06469 – 1493*06611, were made in unbroken series and account for the last early body style cars. The Confortevole was a sort of transition car for Alfa, who was focusing their go-fast resources on the SS at this point. The extremely short run of these cars makes them highly prized, though not as exotic and therefore expensive as a lightweight.

oilpanAll but the earliest Veloce’s had this oil pan with it’s cooling labyrinth built into the bottom. Note the rubber buffer to keep the pan from bumping against the frame rail. The bracket for this is only found on Veloce’s. All Confortevoles have the same mechanical spec as the lightweight.


750E, 1493*04719 – 06008, 1315*30267 – 30761

Sprint 750E 1493*05063, 1315*30689. 1958/03/22. Roma. d&T Ref.

Sprint 750E 1493*05834. 1957/09/57.


750E, 1493*06009 – 06611, 1315*30762 – 32007

Sprint 750E 1493*06046. 1958/02/06. Austria.

Sprint 750E 1493*06056, 1315*30799. 1958/02/18.

Sprint 750E 1493*06064. 1958/02/08. 655453*A*. S. Africa.

Sprint 750E 1493*06127. 1958/02/20. 655515*A*. S. Africa.

Sprint 750E 1493*06138. 1958/02/10.

Sprint 750E 1493*06183. France.

Sprint 750E 1493*06184. 1958/03/27. Zagato rebody. Ref.

Sprint 750E 1493*06193, 1315*30800. 1958/02/06. S. Africa.

Sprint 750E 1493*06230, 1315*30808. 655618*A*. Netherlands.

Sprint 750E 1493*06469, 1310*30952. 1958/05/08.  M357.

Sprint 750E 1493*06475.

Sprint 750E 1493*06476, 1315*30853. 655844*A*.M6

Sprint 750E 1493*06481, 1315*30972. 655869*A*.M35.

Sprint 750E 1493*06482, 1315*30988. USA. Project.

Sprint 750E 1493*06498, 1315*30967.

Sprint 750E 1493*06509.

Sprint 750E 1493*06524. USA.

Sprint 750E 1493*06544. 655933*A*. UK.

Sprint 750E 1493*06552, 1315*30984. 655941*A*. 1958/03/15.

Sprint 750E 1493*06557, 1315*31034.

Sprint 750E 1493*06559, 1315*31223. 1958/03/xx. 655948*A*. AR501. USA.

Sprint 750E 1493*06567. Dead.

Sprint 750E 1493*06568.

Sprint 750E 1493*06575, 1315*31038. 655964*A*. USA.

Sprint 750E 1493*06590. 655979*A*.

Sprint 750E 1493*06596, 1315*31230.

Sprint 750E 1493*06600. 1315*31079.  M307.

Sprint 750E 1493*06610. 1958/06/11. AR305. USA.

Sprint 750E 1493*06611. USA.


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