Sprint Speciale 10120

The Sprint Speciale History:

In the early 1950’s Franco Scaglione, working for Carrozzeria (Italian for coachbuilder) Bertone designed a group of concept Cars based on the 1900 platform: the Berlinetta Aerodinamica Technica or BAT cars. The cars’ styling married the latest aerodynamic concepts with wildly futuristic lines and resulted in what are today considered masterworks. Among the three, BAT 9 shows the strongest family resemblance to the Sprint Speciale.

BAT9 on a visit to the Blackhawk Museum.

At the same time Nuccio Bertone was doing work on a design for Alfa Romeo, a new, less expensive line of cars based on a thoroughly modern 1300CC twin cam 4 cylinder engine that came to be known as the 750 line. Bertone presented Alfa with what we know today as the Sprint and it went into production in 1954. Alfa being Alfa did what was expected and took the new car racing. The very first Sprints were no match for the lightweight well developed Porsche 356 based racers of the time so a new line was created based on the Sprint body: the Sprint Veloce (SV). Flab was trimmed, dual side-draft Webers were added, compression was increased and all around the Sprint was developed into a potent race car. These early, highly developed versions became known as the SV Alleggerita (SVA), or ‘lightened’ Sprint Veloce and were pure bred-for-sport racers.

Early lightweight Sprint Veloce (SVA) once owned by Swedish royal family.

In 1956 Alfa approached Bertone again to build a car that would be a step up from the SV but based on the new generation of Giulietta that was going to be phased in to production sometime in 1958 and known as the 101 line. Aerodynamic efficiency was the only direction unexplored in the original SV/SVA specification so one can imagine Franco Scaglione was turned to for his aerodynamic expertise to wring a little more speed out of the Giulietta platform. The resulting car was the SS, meant to be the successor to the SV and SVA as the potent racer of choice moving forward. SV production would continue when it was released, but without the lightweight specification, making it more of a fast touring car. Of course exceptions exist.

Press photo of one of the first SS’s. I wonder if this car still exists?

Period shot of the cabin.

First iteration had this tail light arrangement, which has a part number in the parts book. Do any SS’s with this rear exist now?

Turns out the B&W car above is red.

SS 00001, one of the early prototypes. Could this be the car above?

The SS was favorably received at the motor shows and the groundwork to begin production was in place but the SS’s place in the Alfa line up was not to be as top-of-the-line racer. A new breed of SV based racer had emerged that could beat the SS, which was considered overweight and had yet to live up to its promise.

SVA 01944 rebodied in mid 1956 by Zagato after a crash, the birth of the SVZ.

SV’s and SVA’s which were re-bodied by Carrozzeria Zagato, collectively known as SVZ’s but only circumstantially related, began to easily win races against stock cars. Initially, SVZ’s were cars re-bodied after serious crashes when it was cheaper to start again from scratch than try and repair the bodies back to stock, but later some SV’s went straight from the Bertone to Zagato. These were expensive cars when new, so throwing them away was not an option. The SS never stood much of a chance against the SVZ’s, which were lighter and had more power. Gradually the shape which later became the Sprint Zagato (SZ) emerged and Alfa went into a deal with Zagato to produce a homologated, factory sanctioned race car, the Sprint Zagato.

A 1962 SZ.

Alfa decided to place the SS in it’s 1959 line up as the touring version of the SZ. They share the same Tipo 10120 engine, a twin cam 1300 producing 100 hp, and some other features, but the SZ is all race and for the most part the SS is all street. Some SS’s did find their way to the track, but with limited success. The SS sold consistently in small numbers, seeing a redesign in 1962 to take advantage of upgrades from the new 105 line, the most noteworthy of which is the Tipo 00121 1600cc engine making a claimed 121 hp. Total production numbers for the SS vary depending on which Alfa history you read.

Fusi claims 1366 Giulietta Sprint Speciales and 1400 Giulia Sprint Speciales for a total production of 2766. Serial numbers are not sequencial for the first 500 or so Giulietta SS’s and for all SS’s there is little correlation between engine and body number, though in most cases these numbers seem to be within ‘a couple of hundred’ of each other.

A giulietta SS. Too slow and opulent for the track?

I guess not. SS at 1960 Targa Florio.

The above is written off the top of my head combining information found in the ‘Complete SVZ file’ thread on the Alfa BB and a list of books I’ll add later. Please email me any corrections to sprints at guiliettas dot com. Thanks.

SS at Daytona 1962.


Sprint Speciale 750SS/10120, 10120*00004 – 00008, 00120*00001 – 00020

Sprint Speciale 10120*00001, 00120*00003. M61.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00002. Article.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00005.  Aluminum body.  SA.


Sprint Speciale 750SS/10120, 10120*00009 – 00020, 00120*00001 – 00020

Sprint Speciale 10120*00010, 00120*00090.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00014, 00120*00024. Lownose. M5


Sprint Speciale 10120*00021 – 00114, 00120*00001 – 00120

Sprint Speciale 10120*00030, 00120*00014.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00054, 00120*00064. M. Low Nose. Europe.750SS badge.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00061. M314.  Aluminum.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00075, 00120*00078. Low Nose. Europe.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00078. 00120*00029. Low Nose.  M294. Europe.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00082. UK.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00090. Low Nose. Ex-Race. Sweden.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00092. UK.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00109. Alfa Blue Team car. Italy


Sprint Speciale 10120*00115- 00376 , 00120*00121 – 00442

Sprint Speciale 10120*00116, 00502*xxxxx. USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00117. SS vs SZ. Blue Team. Italy.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00124. Shell in Venezuela.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00139. NL. Driver.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00142. USA. M448.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00147. M64.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00155. 1960/09/08. Germany.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00168, 00120*00530. 00120*00591. Project.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00177. 87*179.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00181. Swiss

Sprint Speciale 10120*00193. NL.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00207, 00536*08350. M41.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00209M461.  USA

Sprint Speciale 10120*00217. Joop.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00215.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00228, 00120*00627. Germany.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00230, 00120*00667.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00233, 00120*00629.VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00237, 00121*01901. M2.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00238, 00129*00619.VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00239. M443.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00241. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00242, 00120*00681.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00243. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00248, 00120*00684.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00249, 00120*00669. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00306. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00309, 00120*00787.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00319. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00320. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00321. 87*321.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00322, 00120*00783. USA

Sprint Speciale 10120*00331. Dismantled.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00333. 87*335. USA

Sprint Speciale 10120*00334, 00536*13245. Joop.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00336. USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00338, 00120*00790.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00339, 00120*00661. USA

Sprint Speciale 10120*00347. Europe.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00358. Europe.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00366, 00120*00775. M80.


Sprint Speciale 10120*00377- 00750, 00120*00443 – 01346

Sprint Speciale 10120*00379, 00120*00769. Red.  USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00380. Dismantled.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00383. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00384, 00120*00795. USA

Sprint Speciale 10120*00387, 00120*00720.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00388. M31.USA

Sprint Speciale 10120*00391. 87*393.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00393.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00397, 00120*00828. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00398. USA

Sprint Speciale 10120*00413. 87*415. USA. Me.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00429, 00120*01967. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00455, 00120*00964. *87*457*

Sprint Speciale 10120*00460. USA

Sprint Speciale 10120*00474, 00120*01042. M171.USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00486, 00120*00949. USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00490. Ex-race. South Africa.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00491. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00505, 00120*00559. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00506. USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00512.  USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00524, 00120*01763. 87*526. USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00533. M226.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00559, 00120*01064. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00589, 00120*01070. USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00618, 00120*01143. El Salvador.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00632.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00646. 87*648.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00649. 87*651. USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00657, 00120*00911.  M455.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00671, 10120*01226.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00677. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00683. Europe.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00686. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00687, 00129*29819. M54.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00721, 00120*00640. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00742, 00120*01290. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*00746, 00120*01302. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177001- 177374 , 00120*00443 – 01346

Sprint Speciale 10120*177001. Germany.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177008.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177061, 00120*01476. M3

Sprint Speciale 10120*177096, 00120*01311. Germany. Racer style.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177102. Europe.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177120. Europe.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177123.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177186. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177202.  Sweden.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177213. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177216, 00120*01241. Joop.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177240, 00120*01242. Monaco.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177251.  M422.  USA

Sprint Speciale 10120*177258, 00120*01569.  Delivered to France Dec. 15 1961, Gardenia White

Sprint Speciale 10120*177259, 00120*01490. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177335. Sweden.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177349. 87*1102.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177351. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177353. M324.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177360. USA.


Sprint Speciale 10120*177375- 177624, 00120*01327 – 01576

Sprint Speciale 10120*177380, 00120*01735. M108.USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177401. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177428. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177463. 87*1214.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177468. M321.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177470, 00120*01771. VR.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177503. MOdified. USA.

Sprint Speciale 10120*177507, 00120*01826. VR.


11 thoughts on “Sprint Speciale 10120

  1. We had over 3 Sprint Speciale cars when i was growing up in the UK one black one yellow ex beetle famous owner and a red version with Aluminum body the yellow car which was more an orange car was used for spares. my fathers red car poss low nose i think still exists in the UK i think the black one was sold to a Mr Peter Ashworth i would love to know more details on any cars

  2. Hello Matt. Giulietta SS number 177244 bianco gardenia restored (almost finished) is in my possession since September 2015.
    Kind regards
    Riccardo Carver (Monaco)

  3. update register. the 1961 Giulietta SS N° 177244-00120.01242 was bought by me in 2015 and now in Monaco. Kind regards Riccardo Carver

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