Sprint 750B second ‘Egg crate’ series

This is where the confusion really begins. Bertone, no doubt tired of scouring the countryside for talented panel beaters to churn out Sprint after Sprint using mallets, wood bucks and occasionally old tree stumps, and Alfa, no doubt tired of selling spare doors, hoods trunks etc that didn’t fit unless one of said panel beaters accompanied it to its’ destination to ‘adjust’ it so it fit, and both, no doubt forseeing a never ending demand for Sprints, got together, paid one up and comer last name of Giugiaro to face lift the maturing Sprint design in preparation for a modern hydraulic press approach to production, and viola, the face the Sprint would wear through the end of its’ production life was born.

It can be seen at a glance that the basic look of the Sprint is the same as the first series, with obvious changes to the grill opening brightwork.  A side-by-side comparison though, shows the early and late cars to be full of little differences.

I am of the opinion that while the body and interior changed somewhat, the part that Alfa sent to Bertone to have the body welded on to didn’t change, and neither did the drivetrain in the beginning. This series ended the use of 1315*0xxxx engines at 1315*09002, which would cause one to conclude that Alfa Romeo made 9002 750B Sprints.  Not actually sure if this is the case.


750B 1493*06612 – 07921, 1315*05401 – 06903 ‘101 style’

Sprint 750B 1493*06702, 1315*05885. USA. M168.

Sprint 750B 1493*06979, 1315*06197. Australia. M157.

Sprint 750B 1493*07278. 657519.

Sprint 750B 1493*07392, 1315*06699. 656776. Willys. Mexico.

Sprint 750B 1493*07448. 656901.M185. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*07493. 1958/10/01. AR301. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*07790. Portugal. M241.

Sprint 750B 1493*07807. Japan.


750B 1493*07922 – 10301, 1315*06904 – 09002

Sprint 750B 1493*08179. 657577.

Sprint 750B 1493*08260, 00112*01160. M8.. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*08270. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*08284. 657687.

Sprint 750B 1493*08295. 657878.

Sprint 750B 1493*08477M195. Portugal. Vent Window.

Sprint 750B 1493*08492. 1315*07418. South Africa.

Sprint 750B 1493*08549, 1315*07680. 657954(?). Mexico. M22

Sprint 750B 1493*08569, 1315*05588. 658048. M43.

Sprint 750B 1493*08625, 1315*32468. 658026.  M114.

Sprint 750B 1493*08627. 658027. 1959/03/01.

Sprint 750B 1493*08631, 1315*07393. USA. M152

Sprint 750B 1493*08635. 1959/03/18. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*08650. M322.

Sprint 750B 1493*08657. 1959/04/01. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*08666, 1315*07292. BaT. Rear seat Option.

Sprint 750B 1493*08689, 1315*07545. 658076. 1959/03/21. M240. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*08857, 1315*07799. NL.

Sprint 750B 1493*08885. 1959/04/10. NSU.

Sprint 750B 1493*09143, 1315*07827. 1959/05/01. Venezuela.

Sprint 750B 1493*09403. 658651.

Sprint 750B 1493*09420. 658810.Zagato rebody. USA.

Sprint 750B 1493*09513. 658093.

Sprint 750B 1493*09653, 1315*08377.  Greece.

Sprint 750B 1493*09874.

Sprint 750B 1493*09889, NL.

Sprint 750B 1493*09957,

Sprint 750B 1493*10060, 1315*08822. 659450. 1959/07/01. AR319. Portugal.

Sprint 750B 1493*10204. 659590.


2 thoughts on “Sprint 750B second ‘Egg crate’ series

  1. Am in the process of purchasing a 1959 Guilietta sprint and would be interested where it originated from. All I have is the chassis no. AR 1493*09874*
    Can you give any info?
    Thanking You

    • If you email the alfa archive they will give you a little information. It’s not on my list. Care to send me a few pictures when you get it to add to the register?


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