Sprint market review 2009

Just starting this review has me thinking about my Sprint. It’s sitting dusty and undriven for weeks in my carport. I love driving it, looking at it, just thinking about it I want to go out and find an excuse to take it for a cruise -lack of heater (my fault) and all. This fondness for my own example has me thinking about these cars in general. The Sprint is in a lot of ways the first of a breed and easily underestimated at ‘Normale’ specification. The price you can buy a good Sprint for these days is still very reasonable and if you get one you can use you will know the fondness of which I speak. Anyway, to the point, here are the Sprint’s you could have bought in 2009 in order of increasing price.

Market 75 was Sprint 10105 1493 22515, which failed to sell on eBay for $2551 -buy it now was $5400. This car sold about a year before for $310 out of Florida!

Market 12 was frequently seen Giulia 1600 10112*385940. A stripped bare shell roller in pretty good shape that ended reserve not met for about $1500. Car did sell off eBay but I didn’t catch the final price -I would guess less than $5000.

Market 122 was this late 1600 Sprint 10112*353214. In late October it was appropriated by Bob in Vancouver who is lavishing a ‘let’s go fast’ type modified restoration on it. I am going to guess it changed hands for about $6000.

Market 107 was UK based Giulia Sprint project 10112*356956. I faild to record the selling price but seem to remember it was just shy of $10,000. I know the seller is a regular reader so perhaps he will comment with the sale price.

Market 152 is Sprint 750B 1493*08631. This car sold for $7500 over the summer in a private person to person type deal and has since, in our resale ready world, been bid up to $8200 and $9850 on different reserve not meeting eBay runs, the latter being strong money for a car needing this much work.

Market 37 is Sprint 10105 1493*21533. This car was featured here in August of 2008 when it was hoping to make $18,000 fresh out of storage. Someone bought it, made it road worthy and listed it for sale on eBay. It ended in June of this year for about $11,500, reserve not met.

Market 144 is 750B 1493*04813 displayed in bare metal -really a pretty good project if you are looking for an early ‘eyebrow’ car. Sold with no fuss for $15,100.

Market 168 is another 750B, this one identified as individual 06702, one of the first 100 ‘eggcrate’ Sprints which did pretty good for an unoriginal though tastefully so car, making an RCH less than $16,000.

Market 44 is an unknown as yet 101 Sprint not unlike my own. Fly to Palm Springs, call the seller and check it out -email if you want his number. Seems like a good deal if it could be had for $16,000.

Market 109 was Giulia 10112*358476, a very late production Sprint in ‘driver’ condition out of Washington that sold for $16,350.

Market 106 stunned with project Sprint 10105 1493*21140 making $18,700. It’s all in the presentation!

Market 132 is Giulia 1600 Sprint 10112*353213, listed starting at and buy it now at $27,000. A very nice original black plate car in my area. I don’t think this car sold. Notice the number of the car below.

Market 167: 10112*353231 was treated to the rare restoration that keeps things original where possible . It made $19,600 reserve not met then was relisted for BIN $27,500 -the price I would ask and not take less than for this car.

Market 114 was Sprint 750B 1493*08625. Car is in very nice condition and has a Veloce engine and intake components and was listed briefly/erroneously as a true Veloce. It sold out of the South Eastern US around the time I started this blog for $28,000 and recently for more than $30,000. A good buy considering the value of the Veloce parts.

Market 15, Sprint 10105 1493*22975 was a repeat customer who was in great shape and ended up with a cool guy who bought another car, a 750F, written up here in 2009. Asking price for this car was $35,000 or so, I think it ended up at about $30,000.

Market 104 was Sprint 10102 160784 all done up for racing and in Italy for 21,950 pounds or $32,000 at time of writing.

Market 117 was Sprint 10105 1493*21163 as sold by the charming fellows at Bring a Trailer. A heavily modified though tastefully so 2 liter powered street/track car selling for near its $35,000 asking.

Market 157 had me thinking about metallic dark gray on my SS as worn by 750B 06979 who is available in Australia for about $40,000 US.

Market 98 is Sprint 750B 1493*01149; one of the earliest cars I’ve written about, a great color, in stellar condition with rare knock-off wire wheels and priced at 50,000 pounds or about $80,000.

There you have it, did I miss any -of course I did, there’s just not enough time to catch them all.


6 thoughts on “Sprint market review 2009

  1. This is an excellent idea to recap the year. This one post really captures what the market is all about right now.
    Thanks Matt for another year of Giulietta watching!
    Brad B

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