Sprint Veloce market review 2009

2009 was a light year for Sprint Veloce sales with only 5 examples on the market that I wrote about. Here is the summary with cars listed from least expensive to most.

Market 158 was SV 750E 1493*11014, an interim project out of Southern California. Only a rusty one would be worse and it still managed to sell for $11,500.

Market 90 is Sprint Veloce 1495*07137, incorrectly identified as a Confortevole, and incorrectly trimmed with early front grillwork, but neatly set up for fast roadwork or racing. 30,000 Euro’s or about $38,000 was the asking price at the time of writing.

Market 147 takes us all the way to Finland to find SV 750E 1493*09676, a far from original interim car set up for racing. 32,000 Euro’s or just under $46,000 US is required to take ownership.

Market 136 is genuine lightweight Veloce 1493*04447 from when they were THE race car to have, and even dropped to $139,500 from the original $154,500 asking one still has to think about the other cars that this kind of money will buy. I want one, but it will be a few years!

Market 87 is Sprint Veloce 1493*06936 wearing a Zagato rebody. Neat looking, unique and no doubt expensive. I didn’t catch an asking price on this car, but it had to be $200K minimum.

And that’s it! A mere five cars. They made a lot of Sprint Veloce’s but apparently they are a car that gets held onto and coveted. I would think $8,000 would be the entry price for any viable Sprint Veloce, and on the high end, a good SVZ could easily be $400,000 if everything is in order. These are bluechip solid investment grade cars when in either well restored or good original condition. d’Amico and Tabucchi list all of the VIN’s that were made into Sprint Veloce’s and some details are hard to fake, so other than Sprint Veloce Zagato recreations it should be easy to pick out an imposter.


6 thoughts on “Sprint Veloce market review 2009

      • Chassis Number 1493E 01722
        Bertone body number *77025*
        Manufactured on 3rd May 1956

        Was owned by Paul Gregory and sold to Alfa nut in Pasadena. I imagine it will make it on a Mille type event (perhaps Italy).

        You saw 4347 at Conrad’s for the exhaust among other things. Cheers, George

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