Sprint Speciale market review 2009.

There were 14 SS’s listed for sale in 2009 that I wrote market reports for. They are listed below in order of asking or if known selling price from least expensive to most, with me making prices up for a few as necessary.

Market 64 is for Giulietta SS 10120*00147. Asking price was $25,000. I think it’s still available. Not sure what it would take to buy it at this point. Market 131 makes this asking price seem very high.

Market 143 announced that this scruffy RHD Giulia SS, 10121*380459, would go through the Bonhams Beaulieu auction in September. It did and made 16,100 pounds or about $26,500. Not bad.

Market 131 for Giulietta SS 10120*00455 represents probably the best publicly traded deal to be had on an SS in 2009. A very original early car to clean up and with simple details to be sorted for $27,100.

Market 99 was for Giulia SS 10121*381357, which sold for $32,299. I have had emails from the buyer and he is another Ferrari guy who recognizes the bargain SS’s are from a other-worldly style perspective.

Market 108 for Giulietta SS 10120*377380 represents the other great bargain SS of 2009. This car ran and drove and came with the matching number engine not installed, and sold for $38,300.

Market 1, my very effort as the name inplies, was for Giulia SS 10121*381259. This car was originally listed in May of 2008 in need of paint with an asking price of about $36,000. By the time it changed hands in May 2009 after a repaint and some sorting it went for $45,000.

Market 105 was Giulietta SS 10120*00339, for sale by a luxury car shop in Georgia. It sold for ‘more than $45,000’ which I am going to call $47,000 for the sake of convenience. This car was another project, but really only required finishing assembly, break in and adjustment. Picture is just after paint -car was a mostly assembled runner when offered.

Market 156 was this Giulia SS, 10121*380642, an attractive car in Italy with a 38,000 Euro asking price which was $56,700 at the time of writing.

Market 171 was for this car, 10120*00474, a nice example out of the south of England for 35,000 pounds -$56,900 US at the time of writing.

Market 135 was for Giulia SS 10121*380456, for sale out of France. No price is mentioned in the advertising I’ve seen for this car so I am going to guess, based on the interesting colors chosen for things, that it’s about 40,000 Euro’s or $57,000 UD.

Market 80 was for Giulietta SS 10120*00366 which made 41,100 Euro’s (about $59,000 US) through Bonham’s at the Retromobile auction and made me seriously consider black as the color for my SS.

Market 145 was this Giulietta Sprint Speciale, number 10120*00347. Asking price was 44,000 Euro’s which was $64,000 at the time of writing. Don gave me a hard time for suggesting that his car was only slightly nicer than this one. Upon revisiting the pictures I have to say he was right. His is more than slightly nicer than this car.

Market 93 was for this Giulia SS in Italy. No vin or price were listed but based on the engine compartment detailing quality I am going to guess 45 – 50,000 Euro’s.

Market 170 was for Giulia SS 00121*380360 (unverified vin). Asking price is 85,000 Euro’s or $125,000 US, reflecting some sort of unexplained Conrero connection.

The range of prices above doesn’t represent the full spectrum of conditions. I know of a rusty though complete Giulia SS that sold for about 10,000 Euro’s on the low end and SS 00001 is still available for $275,000. Unrestored complete running cars seem to be the bargain between about $27,000 – $38,000. Any less and you have an incomplete challenge like mine that would be about $20,000, or a rusty complete near-runner, though I didn’t see any of those on the public market this year. In the upper end are the well presented cars that have never seen a rainy drive in their lives or restored cars that are on most levels better than new. The years highest price SS I wrote about has a Conrero connection and better than new restoration . If a low nose or car with documented major race history surfaced I think this years high would have been bested.

Look for Sprint and Spider Market reviews in the coming days.


15 thoughts on “Sprint Speciale market review 2009.

  1. Great job Matt. Your site is undoubtedly becoming the center of the SS universe – I refer everyone who asks about the car. And thanks for agreeing with me about Market 145, which is nevertheless very nice.

    Must get you a photo of those taillight lens screws.

    Merry Christmas !

    • Don,
      Thanks for the kind words. Someone had to go nuts for the SS! I just finished the Sprint Veloce market review and am starting the Spider Veloce review. At least it’s the holiday season and I have lots of ‘down’ time. Hopefully I’ll get a few hours at the shop tomorrow to do some little jobs on my SS.

      Any suggestions on metrics?


  2. I enjoy your site and and envy your energy and skill to pursue your goals. Merry Christmas and a very fruitful new year. Bill Valley

  3. Reading with great interest about the SS ,, I wonder what mine would have been worth now if I still had her ??? A black right hand drive model ,, ??????

    • Hi Spiderdave 99 ,, wouldnt it be a fantastic coincidence ,,, Reg no was EAN ?? D ,, she came with two sets of wheels ,, ,standard disc wheels ,, and a set of wires fitted with Pirrelli Cinturatos . She was in a bit of a pickle !! As i had not long been married and struggling to bring up a familly , she sadly had to go . I swapped her forn a new engine for my Hillman Hunter , I have been kicking myself ever sinse . She came from Southampton . UK ,, Where are you in the world ??

      • I did once hear , they only made 10 in RHD !! 9 were red and one was black !!! I hope it is the same one !! how rare is that !!

      • I believe there was the possibility to get a car converted independently by Rudd or whom ever. I’ve never seen quoted numbers for how many were made.

        Anyone have any certainty on this? I think I’ve written about 3 or 4 RHD cars.


      • if my memory serves me correctly , mine was originally made for UK market ,, ie ,, not a conversion .I cant remember how the wire wheels fitted , Normaly of course with a centre nut !! ,Mine was fitted with standard Alfa disc wheels which of course are 4 or 5 nut fixings on to the brake drums , I never put the wires on and as i say ,, cant remeber what the fitting was !! I also had a spare rear screen ,, which my wife broke !!! That was about 20 years ago !! we are only just talking now !!! I was also told that that model Alfa was the first to be fitted with an oil temp guage !! Dont know if that info is correct ?? . A beautifull looking car though , and far better looking than some of the strange looking stuff on the roads nowadays . I saw one last year at the 24 hr Le Mans , it was French plated L.H.D. Red !! I looked for the owner but unfortunatelly he did not appear . I will be at the Le Mans Classic this year in July. I am hoping it will make an appearance .

      • Hi as far as i know my car is one of about 100 cars that ruddspeed of worthing bought into the uk and converted to RHD? it is black with a red interior,
        I am very sure that it being black will narrow down my search for the identity of my car my chasiss no is 380789.
        I have a small blog on my website http://www.autodent-services.co.uk

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