Market 173: 1:1 scale Spider model kit

Update 12/31/09: Sold for $5200 after 10 bids were placed.  A pretty good deal considering the parts haul.

Giulietta Spider 10103 1495*09829, 00102*15510. This car, produced 24 cars after a car that was manufactured on May 2nd 1960 by the factory records, is on eBay out of Rancho Cucamonga California. There is a pretty enthusiastic write up with the auction but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

I love these scenes, like a swap meet display or the hotel scene in ‘The Wall’. I could spend 30 minutes with a blown up picture identifying most of the parts, but then you wouldn’t get the fun of doing it yourself with a parts book in front of you when you receive your new baby.

Nose is in above average condition for a roller that has been languishing for 20 years. Where do you even start? You pick up a part, identify it, decide if it needs fixing or replacing, put it in a bag with a label. If it needs replacing, you note that information on your shopping list.

Wow, check out the tread on that tire -I didn’t know Willy’s jeeps used 155 series 15″ tires. Bumper brackets are mounted 90 degrees out. I don’t see any rot along the trunk seam. Doesn’t mean it’s not there…

Originally red? Probably. Hey, there’s the husk of a big Healey in front of it -trunk bursting with mystery parts. Would be awesome if these two cars came from the same ‘collection’ and each came with a homogenous mix of Healey and Alfa parts. Fortunately picture number one looks like it’s exclusively Alfa Spider parts.

That edging on the dash is nice to see. A lot of the time it is missing or sort of disintegrated. Steering wheel has cracks, gauges need attention. Seat track bottoms are rare. If you look carefully, the tops can be seen in the first picture.

What do you do with this? You remove all the parts. You throw away all the dry, cracked dirty upholstery and you either wirewheel this for 6 hours or pay to get it blasted or dipped. If you do the latter, 20 – 40% of the metal will be a mess of holes fillagree giving views of the ground below it.

You can count on about $6000 to put this drive train in order if you do a lot of it yourself. If you just acquire and drop in a 1750 it will be about half that amount. Someone told me that a big motor takes the jewel out of the Giulietta. I am continually amazed (and I shouldn’t be -I was one of these guys) by how many people write-off the original 1300’s based on either the assumption that it’s ‘only’ a 1300 and therefore can’t help but be slow or a test drive of an original car with a worn out tired smokey 1300 that is making maybe 60% of its potential, unable to get into the power band. Hmmm.

This looks like about a $5000 – $7000 Spider. It’s pretty solid meaning only patches here and there will be needed to address the rust. Hopefully no full-blown panel repair is necessary. Most of the parts seem to be present but notable absents are seats and top frame, the former being tough to source and expensive.

It amazes me how many of these cars there are out there looking for new homes -there are three on eBay as I type. I may go for an early Spider when the my SS is done. We’ll see.

Another semi-complete roller,
and another,
and another.


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