The rear view mirror.

Update 1/26/10:  So I got the correct mirror off eBay recently for $112.50 -in better condition than the Spider mirror I bought as seen below and cheaper.  Here is what it looks like.  Anyone want to buy a late Giulietta/Giulia Spider mirror?  I’m $150 into it…

THIS is the mirror I needed as seen in Aarons Giulia Sprint.

 And a good side view of the base.  If you have an SS, chances are this is the mirror you need.

Update 12/20/09: Okay, so I’m an idiot. I bought the wrong mirror. Oh well. I think I can clean it up and find it a home. The mirror I need has a base like an earlier Sprint mirror but with the wrinkle finish backing and chrome front. I’ll get a picture up of it soon. Anyone need a Spider mirror?

I’ve been watching, waiting, biding my time and bidding generously whenever I had the chance, but until today I was missing the important Giulietta Sprint Speciale -and a lot of other period 101 Alfa’s- ultra cool rear view mirror. Why so important? Why not just get some after-market deal? Well, you already know the answer coming from a guy who paid a lot to have a mold made in order to cast Carello marked SS tail light lenses (which have proven popular -email if you want a set). The answer, besides the fact that you look at it almost as much as the windshield, is that well, with so much effort going into everything else, this detail just needs to be correct.

Why am I going on about this? Because I think I got lucky!

This groovy little number is currently doing time on eBay and an adult bare-knuckle buy-it-now bid of $295 is required to feel the love. As someone I can’t identify from memory said, and I’m paraphrasing at best, ‘they’re making more money, but they’re not making any more of these.’

I donned my orange hunters vest and set to looking for one of these almost two years ago to the day. I wasn’t very serious about bagging one until this months big push to get the SS together, so I let a few go over the years for anywhere from $100 for a bag of parts that could be finessed into a workable unit, to about $250 for a nice, clean no excuses dash top trophy. Why the history of this part? I have bid on no less than 4 of them in the last month, that’s why. It all started with the seller of this car posting 70% of one on eBay about 4 weeks ago, it was missing the glass and bezel. I bid $50. I hadn’t seen one in at least 6 months on eBay and this one wasn’t very impressive so bid I low. Auction ended at $88. Not too shabby.

As soon as the 70% one closed this one showed up on eBay and shook shit up as Jeff likes to say. This crusty looking example was bid up to an astounding $280!

Rear view of the rear view mirror.

Uncle Rick, thinking he was striking while the iron was hot put this ‘remanufactured’ one on eBay, obviously doing the math and thinking the added value of resilvering ($25), rechroming ($50), rewrinkle-finishing ($10) and about 2 hours labor and some driving around would mean at least a $400 result. $376.99 was the result which blew my $326 auction sniper bid out of the water. Very nice mirror!

Before U.R.’s unit had a chance to close this item showed up. Clean, original and unassuming. Ready for the chase to be over I sniped $300. Imagine my surprise when checking my email on my i-phone in a meeting at work that I had won it for an extreme-bargain seeming $126.03. Receiving it and inspecting will tell me if it was money well spent. I’ll update when I have it in hand.

I think I just wore the market down. How many people can there possibly be who need one of these? All I know is I think I got the best deal of the bunch. Now on to finding the also elusive intake plenum and airbox parts I need for reasonable money.


9 thoughts on “The rear view mirror.

  1. Nice job! I completely spaced on an auction for a similarly rare but obviously less exotic mirror for a Super. In the year+ that I’ve been actively looking, it was only the second unit (and first one that was complete) to show up on eBay. Strangely difficult to obtain, Alfa mirrors are.

  2. Hey Matt, if you can figure out a great way to restore these mirrors to their formal glory, we can add that to our Enthusiast Service category. I’ll be your first customer – I have a ’63 (that looks a lot/if not exactly like the one you just won) that needs a total restoration.

    • Rick Lesniewicz is already restoring these and I doubt anyone else could do a better job. His attention to detail and originality is unmatched. Send it to Rick alias “Uncle Rick”

  3. Matt,

    The mirror you are looking at, or going after is not the correct rear view mirror for the SS. That is a late series 101 Giulietta spider 1300 and 1600 spider. The SS does not have the day/night flip toggle.

    • Lionel,

      Thanks for the insight. I’ll be driving it at night so the toggle will come in handy. Do you have a picture I can post of the correct unit? The details of the details are getting more and more complicated. Like the 1600 SS engine, I’m doing things as correctly as I can without going crazy and with performance/function in mind.

      Thanks for the comment!


  4. Here in South Africa I have been driving Alfas exclusively for over 40 years. I have owned a ’63 Giulietta (my first), 2 Sprints 61/62, Sprint Veloce 63 and my prize, a 63 Sprint Veloce Conrero 1340. The race tune of the latter was rough but the greatest driving pleasure of my life. Also in my collection was a Doug Serrurier 1500cc LDS Alfa engine based on SS. It featured prominently in F1 cars earlier in RSA. My intention was to make an Alfa ‘bomb’ out of a Sprint. It was interupted by a family death. I now still have many small parts, grills finned drums, early waterpumps, lights etc. Maybe I must draw up a detailed list seeing so many guys are searching. Maybe I have a dashboard mirror as well. Brilliant website and following you guys have in US

    • Tony, send me a list, I’m always needing little parts and am frequently asked where to find stuff.
      Thanks for stopping by. Ciao,

  5. Matt I am interested in those red taillight lenses with the carello on them. I have a set of the centerline ones but haven’t put them on, because it just doesn’t seem right without the Carello on them. Can you give me some info on those lenses? Do you already have a set I could look at?


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