Market 150: Late 750F Spider Veloce

Update 12/25/09: Another close call for this car. 14 bidders did their thing and could only muster $19,200 worth of reserve not meeting enthusiasm for this car. I’m not sure what could have been done differently, I think it’s just another case of too many trips through the pixels on eBay and everyone thinks it’s got problems that they are unaware of. I’d throw $20K at it if I had it.
Another update 12/18/09: The seller has indicated in a big bold description update that he had it slightly backward and the car is 1495*07582 NOT 07852. I just looked at the pictures in the link and it is iindeed 07582.

Update 12/18/09: This car has found itself back on eBay. When it started, a reasonable seeming (compared to Market 169’s $50K result) buy it now of $20,000 was in place but it has since disappeared and the current bid is about $17,500. I suspect it will find a new home this time around.

This car still looks like a pretty good restoration candidate to me. I recognize this background foliage from Market’s 63 and 49.

Update 10/12/09: Car was bid up to $15,100 with 8 bidders, reserve not met. Pretty low for a Veloce with both a numbered replacement Veloce engine installed including the 40DCO3’s etc and the original block.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*07852, 1315*32895 + 1315*31612 from 750F 1495*04673. This car is on eBay right now out of Daytona Beach FL. Car is a project, but looks like it could be made a runner/driver with out much fuss.

Spider Veloce noseAll of the usual praise applies here too with the exception of a missing hood spear. Nose doesn’t look to have been run into the back of big American cars too frequently as is so often the case, and all the little bits than would have you combing eBay night after night are all present. Judging by details like the presence of the correct rear view mirror and wipers being where and how they ought, I would guess this car hasn’t been monkeyed with too much (no offense to any chimps in the audience).

spider veloce sideClean wheels, great door fit, straight and shiny under-door trim etc all make me wish I had this instead of my pile, but wanting keeps life interesting so I guess I’ll just have to keep at it. Stance of this car is even pretty good.

Auction text: “1960 Alfa Romeo spider veloce 750 long wheelbase car. According to Alfa this car # AR1495F 07852 was manufactured on March 7th 1960 and sold to Hoffman Motor Cars in N.Y. on March 23rd 1960. The engine number is AR 1315.32895. Body color is Red.

This sale includes original correct numbered block along with engine # 1315.31612 That is complete with the DCO3’s installed in the car now and not running from a 59 veloce. I also have the title for that car # 1495F 04673 that according to Alfa was built on the 1st of September 1958 and sold to Hoffman on September the 12th Body colour is also Red.

This car # 07852 was raced in the SCCA back in the early 60’s in Florida. You can see in the photo’s where the roll bar was welded to the floor . There is also a driver/entrant packet as well to document this.

What you are buying is a correct 1960 veloce with the matching number block, and complete veloce engine from the 59. I have a clear FL titles.

You also get a FL title for car # 04673 that is long gone……..but the matching numbered complete engine is fitted to car # 07852 now. I suppose you could re-create car # 04673 and have 2 veloce’s…………..

The car sits on new Pirelli P3 tires that are correct 155 SR/15. There is very little rust only a little in the trunk as seen in the photo’s. The sills and floor pans are near perfect. It even has the correct choke block-off plate as the DCO3’s have no choke. The car is very complete and requires a very straight forward restoration. All the correct veloce things are there….. Marelli coil and generator Marelli Distributor etc.

There are NO surprise’s with this car.”

spider veloce cornerThose steel wheels look to have been widened. For a car with race history it sure is clean!

Looking for a good 750 series Veloce with race history for straight forward restoration? Here it is. Price shouldn’t be too out of control, but then the night is young…

Another similar car.

And another

And yet another.

And if it was really nice.


12 thoughts on “Market 150: Late 750F Spider Veloce

  1. I noticed the vent windows on the doors. Wouldn’t that dictate that it is a 101? This might have been built in ’59, but I can’t see Alfa using a long chassis, then putting in a 750 motor.

    I don’t see side marker lights, and the pictures aren’t good enough to see windshield squirters. Can’t see tail lights…

    I’m still calling for it to be a 101 though.

    • He says it’s a long wheel base car, so vent windows make some sense. I thought vent windows were a catch as catch can sort of thing? This is the typical 750 to 101 transition car with some new and old mixed together. The 00106 engines that would make it a pure 101 Veloce weren’t phased in for another year after this car was built. This must be one of the first LWB cars, and why woudln’t Alfa put a Veloce engine in? They were dedicated to the SS/SZ as racer at this point so, like the later Sprint Veloce’s it was more of a playboy GT thing than anything. Tail lights look like later small type that came after the Lucas ovals.

  2. This car would be close to one of the last interim cars that use a 750 Veloce motor with DCO3’s in a Long wheel base 101 body. Originally it would have a split case 4spd and the interim tail lamps. I had a car very close to this serial number that was originally equipped with a 750 veloce motor and DCO3’s with the vent windows, glove box door and longer wheelbase. Dave B

  3. Not so Gentlemen, I had a 750 Veloce short wheel base with vent windows. I do not want to spent time arguing with people about the reasons why it should had been a 101. THERE were indeed short wheel base with vent windows. Mine was a German version as indicated by the extra ID tag on the car.


  4. Market 150 UPDATE!!!!

    I did not sell my car although the reserve price of 20K was very close….. It seems this veloce is a bit of a mystery to some people. Here is some info that I recieved while the listing was still active. Remember, my car is 07582……

    ” I own 1495F07601 and 149507603 Bill Gillham recently restored 1495F7600 and I know where 1495F7602 is. All of these cars were 750 series, motors with DCO3 carbs, fuel pump blank off plate, steel Veloce pans. The body – 101 with fixed vent windows, USA gauges, borrani wheels, reflectors under the rear tail lights.

    Both of my cars were registered as 1960 however both are actually 1959 model year. The early cars in California were almost always registered as year sold not year made. I have seen this on just about all of the early cars I have worked on. We have gone to the DMV on numerous occasions with Fusi book in hand to get them to change some GTVs that were registered as 1975 to the correct 1974. This makes a big difference in California due to the smog laws. ”

    Of course I have documentation from Alfa regarding build date and engine # as well!

    I can be reached at

  5. Hey Matt,
    the 1495*07582 is again on the market. It has been restored with great, fastidious attention to the originality as such a rare interim specimen deserves. I think that in reviewing it my headline will be “Lessons on autenticity From Las Vegas”. Such a melting paradox!

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