Market 172: Giulietta Spider 1495*05689 at the gallery

Giulietta Spider 1495*05689.  This car, an early 1959 interim model, is available right now from The Gallery, Brummen in the Netherlands.  The gallery looks like a big museum where you can buy the display pieces.  The stock on their website ranges from the mundane to the impressive with prices to match.  Hopefully someday I can make it there for a look around.  Someone should do something like that here in the USA.  On to the star of the show…

I chose this one for cousin Norm since it has a BMW 2000CS in the background.  Spiders look very sophisticated in white -like a guy who is always wearing a tuxedo.  Front side marker tells me it’s a European market car.  From this distance and at this resolution the car looks very nice.

Ride height is perfect for a stock Spider.  Tail lamps are also Euro spec having amber tops.  Again, at this distance and resolution the car looks fabulous.  The trim line created by the wrap around portions of the bumpers and the side spears creats a sort of waterline effect -where the road and business side of things is mostly below the water line. 

Engine compartment is presentable and has the look of functionality.  Engine has front tabbed valve cover and 105 style head.  Might be the original block, assume it is not.  May even be a 1600.  Air cleaner is practical but I would want the stock airbox.  Glass brake reservoir tells me it was originally a French market car.

Red seats are said to be leather in the description. All in all a very presentable interior.  Steering wheel and rear view mirror are correct items and in great condition.  All the brightwork shines nicely.

More well presented details. The shock mounting hardware is free from overspray and looks almost new. Spare is a Borrani, car wears Fergats. I can’t fault anything back here, although isn’t the jack supposed to be back here?

A view frequently left to the imagination.  The important stuff is in a condition that speaks of functionality -no caked on crud or rust to be seen.  Bravo on the detailing.  These gas tanks originally came with a lead washer for the drain plug that can leak if disturbed but this tank shows no signs of leaking.

Another view of the under side shows no signs of repair having been done, this is a nice dry car if the pictures tell the truth.  Drive shaft components look to have recently been replaced.

This car is priced at 35,950 Euro’s, $57,500 US dollars at todays exchange rate. This is a lot of money for a Normale -heck, it’s more than several nice Giulietta Veloce’s have sold for on eBay in the last year, so I suspect it’s a very nice car when seen in person. I read commentary to the effect that Giuliettas will be very expensive in the near future, paralleling the Porsche 356 product line in price, since it parallels it in so many other things. This parallel pricing seems to be the case with the higher end models when comparing like to like, but low end Giuliettas are significantly cheaper than their 356 counterparts in most cases.

Another nice expensive Giulietta Spider.
And another.
And as always, a project near in production to the subject of the post.


3 thoughts on “Market 172: Giulietta Spider 1495*05689 at the gallery

  1. I’ve lived in Brummen for 20 years, so i’ve been visiting this place many times.
    Most cars tend to look better than they actually are and are often overpriced. I’ve seen Porsches 356 and 911 with paint on their doorseals for as much as 40000 Euro, thats ridiculus!
    A friend of mine who is a car mechanic went there once for a job and was shocked by the way cars and customers are treated.
    So i guess this beautiful looking Spider is not any better.

    • I find it hard to believe all their cars are like that -they couldn’t stay in business. Good to hear first hand from someone who’s been there though.


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