Fasteners 3: getting the hang of it!

My big mistake right now is being in a hurry to get this project to the driving part of it. All these little tasks are like making a familiar although long drive. I can imagine it going by -the blur of images, the familiar landmarks indicating progress, the dull stretches and finally the destination. Like that drive each task, like living each moment behind the wheel, has to be done. Today I spent an hour and and a half and got one little task done, like getting from mile marker 336 to mile marker 337 on the interstate when your destination is at mile marker 11,721. Enough about me and my psychology though, you’re here for the Speciale.

Before and after, you decide which is which. Yes, as a matter of fact I do wish the car was in paint so I could mount this piece!

Here they are, the components of the rebound limit mounting system. The two big rubber washers at the top act as a dampener so when the strap goes taut because you are cornering so hard your inside front wheel is off the ground it doesn’t rip out of the body. The cylinder guides the lot through the hole in the body. Ingenious really…

It makes the part of my life that is spent media blasting fasteners a little easier if I wire them all together and shoot them all at once.

So after blasting the hardware was degreased and plated in 3 square inch increments every 20 minutes. While the plating was going on I attended to this fellow and his twin. He is the drivers side steering limit screw, a knurled screw with a nut that threads into the body. Nothing channel locks can’t remove. I also tried out some new abrasives. Exciting.

I took this while the big top washer was plating. I could polish these so the finish is even but they are going to be in the depths of the car so why bother.

Okay, so I caved in and gave them a light polish. Oddly the new cable end wasn’t M8 x 1.0, it was something close -probably an inch size, and the nut would thread onto it about 6 turns before binding up. I chased the threads with a M8 x 1.0 die without much trouble so I could use the original nut AND so I wouldn’t find myself fumbling for a 9/16ths socket at some point in the future because my 8-32 nut needed to be removed. I know, not the best idea, but I doubt this cable will ever see any tension with the stiff suspension I intend to run.

Up next I will probably spend another hour and a half and do this exact job over again on the one that still looks crusty in the picture above. I thought about getting new rubbers for these -they are available at Veloce Space, but there was really nothing wrong with these to warrant the expense. What is this 879.5 hours to go? Oh, and I also got two more head nuts and all the head washers plated. I think going forward I’ll just give any fastener work a two sentence write up and maybe a picture if it’s a really neat assembly. Thanks for noticing me…


2 thoughts on “Fasteners 3: getting the hang of it!

  1. Yep, we’ll be at the Nut Tree before too long…

    Thanks for the schematic on how this limit strap system works – that’s my next task on the 1600, minus the cad plating of course.

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