Market 171: SS 10120*00474 in Europe.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00474, 00120*01042.  This car is available now on several European classified listing services.  Price is 35,000 pounds -about $56,900 at the time of writing.  I have this car on the Production and Register page as being in the USA, I guess it’s on the move.

I have decided against red, mainly because my Sprint is red, but this car has me reconsidering.  Appearance of this car is what you would expect for an expensive example.  I almost just typed that this car is a mid-range car after yesterdays $125,000 effort.  This is a good solid ready to use car.

Headlights, trims, bumpers and panels are all very nice and if they are any indication, the whole car has been well cared for.  This is one attractive car.

The rear treatments on this car are also very well done.  Trunk lid fits well as do the bumpers, doors and avarything else seen here.

Another view of a nice backside.

Advert text: “A beautifully styled and well engineered drivers motorcar. In excellent order and ready for use.

In excellent order. New carpets and recovered seats.See pictures for condition.

Coachwork designed by Bertone in a styling exercise with Alfa known as BAT (Berlinetta Aerodinamica Techica).The Giuletta Sprint Special (SS) was first shown at the Turin motor show in 1957 and went into limiled production in 1959.

Body Restored and in excellent order. The underside condition is like the exterior, painted and imaculate.(It was noticed that there was a small blemish / split on bonnet)

Engine rebuilt in 1996 and has covered minimal mileage since. Apart from a tour of Europe in 2008 with the AR Giulietta club where it covered some 1,400 miles without fault. 1290 cc, 4 cylinder, Webber 40 DCOE2 carburettors producing 65 bhp through a 5 speed gearbox.Hydraulic brakes all round and inderpendant front suspension and coil rear spring suspension. A delight to drive. Top speed 125 mph and 0-60 MPH in 12 seconds, not bad for 1960. In excellent mechanical order.”

No alarm bells here, the intake is correct as is everything else to be seen in this view. it could stand a light tidy-up but nothing major. I wonder what the bungee cord to the left of the radiator is for?

This is obviously not the original build plate. The font is wrong, the engine number should not be included, the layout of the information is wrong and the screws are wrong -they should be slotted head or, for some markets rivited.

It’s funny how Alfa badges get sort of wavy over the years from bumps when washing/waxing etc. This is common on Giulietta Sprint Speciale’s especially since the metal is soft and the distance between the mounting studs long.

Interior looks good although not correct from an originality standpoint, the seats look soft and inviting. Window washer bag is usually yellow on these cars, but I’m not sure that is correct or because the yellow ones are what has been readily the last several years. Sprints and Spiders have blue ones like the one seen here.

Dash pad is not quite right but again, it is attractive. I like the steering wheel and horn button. Gauges have something odd going on.

The odd thing going on with the gauges is that the edge rings have been painted silver. I kind of like the look -very similar to that seen on Giulia Sprint GT’s. There is a test wire of some sort draped over the trans tunnel.

And so it goes, another nice Giulietta Sprint Speciale in search of a new home. The price seems fair compared to the car yesterday, but an inspection in person would have to be made before cash changes hands. With the SZ starting at about $250K and SS’s being what I would consider the next best thing after a Sprint Veloce Lightweight from value perspective, this car almost appears to be a bargain. Then again, nay-sayers exist who think we are at the furthest expansion point in an exotic car bubble. It’s not my place to decide. I will say that in my correspendances with SS owners and potential SS owners, the SS is the Alfa that Ferrari types have taken an interest in for it’s unique exotic appeal. Maybe SCM is right and they are the next $100K + car waiting to happen or just this moment starting to happen. Comments on this please.

Another red SS.
And another SS.
And the obligatory project.


2 thoughts on “Market 171: SS 10120*00474 in Europe.

  1. I can’t say when an SS will be worth 100k,but Mr. Martin does make his living doing just that.
    For my taste, I think an Alfa SS is more desirable to watch, or drive than any 356 ever made,and there are plenty of 100k Porsche 356’s.
    Matt, I beleive you will very much be able to restore your car for comfortably less than it’s future value. I experienced this with my 750b, partially due to rising material and shop rates over the last decade.
    Brad B

    • Brad,
      I’m doing alright with this car. Initial purchase was $4500. I took chance on it being doable and good ones were $35000 at the time. I reckon I’ll be $20k into it when it’s in paint. Of course that’s at pennies per hour. Good thing I’m handy and fearless.


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