Market 122: 63 Sprint, some assembly required

Update 2009/12/08: I received an email from Bob in Vancouver who bought this car and it sounds like it is in good hands, already seeing a hotted up 2 liter with transmission enroute from the builder and the shell due back from the painters by the end of the year.  It’s good to see a car like this find the right home. 

Update 2009/07/14: After another go on eBay this car ended reserve not met at $4050 with 18 bids.  Not sure what it will take to sell it but hopefully the seller will keep improving it.  Lot’s more pictures of trim were added and it looks to be fairly complete.

Update 2009/06/16: Reserve not met at $5111 after 8 bidders stepped up.  I was thinking that, with a running 1600 installed and almost everything needed to complete it on hand, this car would reach at least $8000.  If it were me I would run another auction with an inventory of included parts and better finished product pictures.  I think it would see this car sold.

Giulia Sprint 10112*353214. This car is available right now on eBay out of Scotts Valley California, in the Santa Cruz mountains. Not too many of these later Sprints show up for sale, and when they do they are usually a mess. This car seems to buck that trend though it has some issues of its own to address. The ‘buy it now’ price is quite optimistic unless that paint is really nice and the parts included are in very good shape, but as the seller points out, it is easy to be $12,000 into a project like this and be at this point or not quite at his point yet. Anyone interested is advised to go and have a look.

Sprint 353212You have to admit that the paint looks good here, as do the grills. Hood shut lines are excellent. I wonder if the hood is bolted in or just sitting on top? Note door in the background.

Sprint engine compartmentWhite body with blue engine compartment. I would have painted the whole lot the same color. Kind of like that Yellow mask Sprint from earlier, there is probably not one buyer out there thinking “Great, just exactly what I was looking for, a 63 Sprint in white with a bluette engine compartment!”

sprint gaugesThe usual here, crazed plastic center button, yellowed plastic gauge inserts. I can see the beaver tail switches peeking out and some of the original paint color on the dash.

sprint interiorInterior is scrappy but the seats don’t look too bad. Lots of fun to be had putting all this back together.

Sprint bare metalI talked with the seller a while back and he appears to know his stuff when it comes to paint and bodywork. As can be seen here, not much filler or metal work required to make this car nice.

sprint trunkThis is what the seller did. He patched in metal where there was rust and welded it up. again, if you are serious about this car you need to go look at it because no one wants a surprise with a car like this. Everyone has a different idea of what repaired rust looks like.

Auction Text: “giulia sprint very nice body and paint, see pictures, engine is 105 series 1600 with correct solex carb, alfetta pan and oil pump, good running engine and transmission with clutch all from a running donor, all bolted in, drive line intact. this car will need an interior rebeuild, and some chrome work along with some body parts assembled, including glass installation. Gas tank redone as well. This is a easy project car for someone with mechanical and upholstry skills or resources. almost all rust and corrosion was taken care of, this was a California car as well. Brake master rebuilt and pedals are free. shoes and drums look great, not sure if individual wheel cylinders need re-placement re-building or not. windshield in very nice, and currenty is installed with out the metal insert, I did this for shipping, the rubber is old and is useable, but could be relpaced during the new headliner installation. The paint is based on a bare metal strip, many more pictures avaiable, top coated with PPG single stage concept acrylic urethane, engine compartment is dark blue, as is interior. Car is complete but not totally assembled, interior is the big issue, the interior door skins are nice and useable, everything else is needing attention, the car is also missing the left rear qtr window, and the exhaust system is complete and new back to the torsion box. Please write with questions and for more pics, the reserve is set slightly above what a good paint job costs today. Pink slip in hand can ship internationally.”

I am not sure what the market is for a car in this state, but I imagine this would be a great start for someone with decent mechanic skills and some time and space considering the hard stuff has been done. And for the third time, if you are interested, go and look. There are a lot of variables here the potential buyer needs to assess in person. The best route for this car is probably non-original fast street/rally type car or racer. With that approach the new owner doesn’t have to feel bad about not making it original.

Similar car fresh out of the weeds.

Similar but much more needy car here.

Similar, original driver.


3 thoughts on “Market 122: 63 Sprint, some assembly required

  1. I somehow missed your report on this car until now, but will let you know that I did go see it, with my 1.5 year old in tow. The seller’s well known locally in Santa Cruz, and loves his Alfas.

    This car sits beneath a carport, and what drew me to go check it out was that wonderful-looking white paint. It didn’t look so nice up close, as it reminded me of some guy grabbing a can of spray paint and having at it. Secondly, the interior was a mess; stuff seemed to be missing, which would be tough to find. I was looking for a car with passable exterior and workable interior for a daily driver after a month or two of weekend work (like yours, Matt); this car didn’t meet either of the criteria, requiring lots of work to make it drivable. It’s a ground-up restoration, which luckily, is what Bob has in mind; it’s probably a fairly good buy for him.

  2. The car was essentially straight and sound, and has been media blasted, then painted with the “Bullet-Proof” stuff. New floors for driver and passenger sides were required.

    Engine bay and door interiors have been painted. Tomorrow the exterior will be done –all in Midnight Blue.

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