Bodywork 7: floor it!

Two years is a long time to wait plan and ponder but here I am seeing what has for so long seemed like something consigned to some later date.  Bill, old friend and recently arrived shop mate agreed to have a go at welding the floors into the SS.  I had a floor set I bought from Wolf last year and yesterday they finally saw some action.

The Veloce e-brake mount finally has somewhere to mount.  Looking good.  Welds will be cleaned up later.

Taking a step back we see the drivers side floor is also joined to the rest of the car.  Surface rust is the result of being the chunk of metal on the top of the stack.

An even bigger step back reminds us just how without floors this car was.  Hydraulic press support plates do double duty as weights to keep things in place during welding.  Tension from forcing the metal into place will make it strong.

And the passenger side coming together.  Yeah, this one isn’t surface rusty.  How many welds?  A lot.

Wow, you could support a chair on this.  Transmission tunnel needs doing, dimples are where the center support bearing will eventually be screwed to.  Need to install the drive shaft and line things up before we get that far.

Better view of the support bearing dimple.

There were some extra rust holes where the patch is below the seat belt mount holes.  Seatbelts… job for another season.

More floor details gotten closer to being hidden by carpet.

Still have the area where the drivers feet will hang out to fill in but I have the panels and Bill is on the scene.

There you have it.  Floors going in is kind of the first step into a larger world of making the body right.  It still has a headlight to weld in, rust to repair in the rockers, rust to repair in the trunk and some dents, but no one is perfect and when this one is all welded up it will be more perfect than most.

Can I count hours I didn’t personaly spend?  I am paying for them aren’t I so heck yeah!  7 hours down -oops, 9 hours down if you include 2 undocumented hours I spent on the rear end Monday evening.  887 hours to go.

Here is a link to bodywork #6.


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