Market 128: Red Spider 10123*379964 looking for action

Update 12/8/09: This car is back in play, this time at Dearborn Classic Cars for $23,995. It has supposedly been gone through by an Alfa expert near the seller and needs nothing except a new home.

Color is a little better this time around. Still looks like a pretty good car.

Unremarkable, sits about right. Door lines are invisible but I would expect that from such a low res. picture.

Update 7/9/09: 7 days and 36 bids later this car sold for $14,500. I am going to say well bought unless it arrives as a bondoed over rust bucket, which it doesn’t really look like.

Giulia Spider 1600 10123*379964. This red Spider is on eBay right now and being sold out of Willits Ca, about 2 hours north of the Bay Area. Pictures, description etc is minimal so I presume they are hoping to drum up some local interest. Looks like a decent car, hopefully they are not looking for $50K or someother unrealistic amount.

379954 noseNot too bad for a poor quality picture. It’s all there, it all works together pretty well and it’s resale red.

379954 front cornerIt’s hard to say much about a car given such small low-resolution pictures. I’m still trying to place these mirrors, they sort of look like the later trapezoid Vitaloni’s but then again they might be from anywhere. Door shut line looks so good I can’t see it!

379954 rear cornerWillits is in Northern California rain country. I would want to see lots of candid shots of this car before I declared it restored. This is not an uncommon area for simple bad paint prep to manifest itself thoguh. Everything else looks good.

379954 engineThat air cleaner looks like the one I am running on the Sprint. I call it huckle-buck, they call it restored. Is that valve cover painted a copper color? Actually overall doesn’t look too bad. I don’t see any signs of lazy paint prep although the underhood blanket doesn’t seem to be tucked in very well.

Not too bad a car but what a waste of money putting an auction up with so little information. There’s no charge for extra words and compared to the final value fee and insertion fee, a dozen or two pictures are a cheap investment. $14,000? Next!

Worse comparable red 1600 Spider.

Trio of comparable red 1600 Spiders.

Better red 1600 Spider.


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