SS 00121 engine 6 and bodywork 6: the shop sunday

Update 4pm. Aaron put up a new post on his blog with a pretty cool video of his first trip in his 1962 1600 Giulia Sprint that spent a month in my shop getting freshened up to be roadworthy with some occasional, marginally helpful pointers from me.  Check it out.

Sunday December 6th, 2009.  I didn’t have any big plans for the time I would spend at the shop, mostly catching up on some small jobs and doing some organizing.  I was cold at the shop, even with long underwear and a thick hooded sweatshirt -hoodie in California stoner parlance, so I was moving slow and not very motivated.

Veloce intake side motor mount

Veloce engine mount receives a good cleaning, new bushing and used but good shape engine mount.  Note Bendix fuel pump in the background -the subject of a future post no doubt.

pass fender clean up

The passenger side fender seemed like a good guinea pig for further black goo removal technique exploration.  Today I tried aerosol Kleen-strip followed by Scotch-brite scrub followed by scraping with a razor blade followed by paper towel wipe down.  Result was about the same as that in the engine compartment.


This little razor blade holder was great for avoiding hand fatigue and scraped off some big peals of semi-soft goo. I will probably go over it all with a pneumatic sander or electric wire-wheel in the near future.

organizing nuts and bolts

So between coats of paint remover curing I spent time organizing some plastic bags of hardware that had accumulated during the Berlina engine transplant, Sprint engine rebuild, TI engine transplant, Fiat engine transplant and furtive little jobs on the 69 GTV and SS.  Split lock, wavy lock, star lock and  flat washers all have separate lodging now.  Metric bolts, screws, nuts and the like too found organization.  Inch fasteners were relegated to a plastic bag and hidden away in a drawer for such as time I need them for my English unit project -hopefully never!


Seen here is a set of 1300 flywheel bolts and lock strips, a throw out bearing fork and associated mounting hardware.  This was removed from my blank 1300 assembly when I separated the engine from transmission and flywheel.  Ready to bag, label and store until they are needed.  I am using 1600/1750 flywheel bolts on the SS.


Similar treatment to the head and valve cover hardware.  This all needs plating but I still need to buy 4 gallons of distilled water.


My organizational technique: labeled bags.  Oil pan will probably receive new M6 grade 8 nuts and washers.


Once the fastener mess was made less messy I lifted the rear end assembly up onto the bench.  It is now in the way of any work I could do to anything else so it will probably be next in line.  I may start plating and work on this between 20 minute batches if everything works out.


The housing is covered in really tenacious grease/oil/grit/dirt that will have to be scraped off.  I did a pretty thorough write up of cleaning the 4:56 so I wont get into this much.

On today’s menu is hopefully a start by Bill on the floors, the ordering of a bunch of parts from Terry and the ordering of a bunch of chassis rust treatment and painting supplies from Eastwood -oh and buying 4 gallons of distilled water.  I am feeling good about this project, not only because it is my only project but because of the noticeable progress I have been making.  3 more hours down, 896 to go.

The next installment is here.

The previous installment is here.


4 thoughts on “SS 00121 engine 6 and bodywork 6: the shop sunday

  1. “occasional, marginally helpful”?? You’re too modest: they were very frequent and marginally helpful. ;)

    Kidding — for the record, readers, Matt was generous and knowledgeable and I couldn’t have asked for a better setting in which to resurrect a Sprint that had lain dormant for 20+ years.

    • Whatever the case I’m glad it’s on the road now so I can speed through your neighborhood in my scruffy red Sprint and get your neighbors mad at you.

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