D&S 6: original SS color options

d’Amico and Tabucchi in their ‘Alfa Romeo Le vetture di produzione’ list the color options for the 10120 SS as follows (the English translations are their work not mine): azzuro nube (cloud blue), bianco ambra (amber white), bleu notte (midnight blue), rosso Alfa (Alfa red), bianco gardenia (gardenia white), grigio metallizzato (metallic grey), argento metallizzato (metallic silver), verde Suez (Suez green), rosso rubino (ruby red), argento auteuil (auteuil silver), verde bosco (wood green), bleu sera (night blue), grigio Inglese (British gray), grigio Fiat (Fiat grey) and for 1959 and 1960: bluette.

For the Giulia SS they opted for a more streamlined approach to color, no doubt to increase efficiency in the paint department. You could choose from: rosso Alfa (Alfa red), grigio graphite (graphite grey), bleu Bosforo (Bosphorus blue), verde muschio (moss green) and bianco gardenia (gardenia white).

I imagine that these 5 colors are available across the line up of Bertone built Alfa’s. This all goes out the window when you consider you could pay them extra to paint your SS whatever color you wanted.

Antti in Finland sent me this picture of a Bluette (if my guess is correct and this car darkens when rubbed out) Giulia SS he has that was one of three to come to Finland new, the others being red and white. All three cars survive which means 100% survivorship in the Finnish market.

I haven’t seen too many green SS’s. If anyone has pictures of any of these colors listed that they KNOW is an original car in factory paint drop me a line and I’ll add it to this post to create a palette for reference. I don’t have access to my library of pictures right now or I could add a few.


5 thoughts on “D&S 6: original SS color options

  1. Hi Matt,

    Just started researching the Giulia SS. Your site has the most comprehensive information so far. Good stuff!

    I have some basic questions I hope you can help me with.

    Is there a book published that is the recognized bible for Giulietta’s & Giulia SS’s. I have Alfa Romeo Giulietta Golden Anniversary, but there is very little coverage of the SS and no coverage of the later Giulia SS.

    On a Giulia SS in Bosphorus blue (dark) was tan or brown ever an available interior color?

    Also, did the engine cam cover ever come in black. All the pictures I’ve seen have been an aluminum.

    Last question for today.

    What is the proper place for the side view mirrors on the Giulia SS. I’ve seen some on the fender and others near the A-pilliar.


    • Mark,

      That I know of there is no comprehensive SS book. I have intentions to write one but it will likely be a few years in the making.

      I think dark blue and tan was an option as I have a friend who has one that was originally thus.

      Cam cover in black… I don’t think so.

      Mirrors tended to be dealer installed so there is no rule. Fender, in front of door line by a few inches seems to be the norm.

      Thanks for dropping by.


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