Market 167: nice late model 1600 Sprint

Update 12/2/09: Oops, jeez, I published this initially saying $16,600, was $19,600, 22 bidders no sale. I wouldn’t have sold it either. Kind of strange that 22 bidders would have no questions -at least none worth responding to in public. Relisted of course… Min bid/BIN/make offer $27,500. Honestly about right.

Giulia Sprint 1600 10112*353231. This car is on eBay right now out of New England. Originally a red car but repainted in one of the various takes on celeste that Alfa used throughout the years with names like cloud blue and ice blue. A wise move in my opinion. If you look in the catagories section to the right of where you are reading you will see a link to ‘Sprint Normale’s’ and under that ‘Giulia 1600’. If you select that link you will see that very few of these late cars have been on the market that I’ve known about in the almost two years I’ve been keeping track.

This picture has a remarkable resemblance to the first picture in Market 132. I really dig the way the shape of the car is emphasized by light colors such as this. Grills, bumper, lights, hubcaps, you name it, it all looks great.

Continuing the walk around. The all red US spec tail light lenses look like new. More no excuses panel and trim fit. Rear bumper is said to be at the chrome shop and will be installed before the car is shipped to the new owner. The US market version of these had the license plate mounted basically right on the trunk lid.

You know you want it, go ahead, feel those curves. Paint work in this picture shows very well, nice and smooth and glossy. Changing a car from red to another color is not a quick easy respray if my Sprint is any indication; the red is everywhere. Not sure I would have put the reflectors back on. What do you think?

Another view for the paint. Check out the reflected lines in the paint and the shape of the wheel well lip. Sweet indeed.

More evidence of careful attention to detail is seen in the cleanliness of the door hardware. I think the seller/restorer made the right decision in keeping the original door panels.

Not the most inviting interior ever, being spartan in a Model T sort of way, but being clean, original and presentable goes a long way. Again, the right decision was made to keep this original. I might have been tempted to go with gray carpet but again, that’s just me and my opinion. I wonder why they stayed with the early Giulietta style gauges for the Sprints but went to the new style gauges for Spiders and Speciales?

Trouble was taken to hook up the winidshield washer bag and tidy up the firewwall, but not much was done to the engine itself -not that it looks bad, there is just some room for cheap improvement like the rusty looking nuts on the thermostat housing. I’m sure this stuff would have been taken care of in due time if the car was going to be kept by the seller.

The air filter set up is odd indeed, I wonder what the rational was? The original parts are usually on eBay and reasonable. Just seems strange to go this route considering how great the rest of the engine compartment looks. Henceforth I will reference this engine compartment when I am showing an example of how good the heater ducting can look or how the wash bag should look.

That oil pan is an Alfetta unit if I’m not mistaken. Exhaust down pipe is new, Koni’s are new everything looks right.

I really like these late Sprints. The interior makeover at the hand of Giugiaro is very modern circa 1962 and has held up well. A single down draft 1600 is pretty similar to a 1300 Veloce in power but not character. Value? Mid-twenties? High-twenties? Who knows. The seller knows what they are into it and thankfully did a good job in all the work that can be seen so I expect a good, honest ‘everyone’s happy with the outcome’ sort of auction will go down.

Another 1600 Sprint

and another

and you guessed it, the obligatory project.published this


3 thoughts on “Market 167: nice late model 1600 Sprint

  1. Nice car, huh? ;) It looks closer to white than blue on my screen. It must be a very light blue. I wonder if the seats are original.

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