Suspension #6: The 410?

It’s official kids, I’m back on the SS. I bought a CAD plating kit today online from Caswell, ordered a set of tail light base and lens seal gaskets from Velocespace, requested a price quote for a new set of door latch buttons, a rear view mirror and some interior handles from Afra, and made a list of engine parts I still need to buy from Centerline.

As far as real work, I removed the brakes from a spare rear end I got that I am thinking I will use for the SS -but I guess I better back track a bit here before I get into the gory details. I bought a big group of parts last spring and among them was a complete rear end, which having the cable style emergency brake cable set-up meant it was from either an SS or a Sprint Veloce. I have been thinking a 4:10 rear end might make some sense for relaxed freeway cruising during commutes and with the engine being a somewhat hot 1600 it wouldn’t be too terrible off the line either. Anyhow, the other day I decided it was time to see what I had bought. It went something like this…

The gentle approach to removing drums involves tapping and pulling with your hands. That is followed by prying and hammering. Prying and hammering gives way to a big puller and when the fins start to break you call it a day and think about it until your next day at the shop. Today was that next day at the shop for me. Picture above is what it looked like today when I started.

I looked in the parts book and didn’t see any reason I couldn’t remove these four nuts on the bearing carrier, disconnect the brake line and e-brake cable and pull the lot off from the front. Note here that this has never been apart -even the Roma block band style clamp is still holding the brake line to the axle tube!

A modest pile of nuts and bolts later I am gratified by the drum assembly, complete with backing plate separating from the axle tube.

The emergency brake lever which acts on the shoes was hanging up and wouldn’t come free so I resorted to heavy artillery. Good thing I have a bunch of those levers.

Once the e-brake lever was willing to go through the slot it lives in I cut a spring and it all fell apart. Rusty and crusty -most of this is garbage. Note the mud dauber nest by the brake cylinder. The other side had to come apart in exactly the same way except I did it twice as fast since I knew what to expect.

The shoes turned out to be in decent shape. Perhaps I’ll send them off to be resoled/lined or whatever you call it. Also note here the emergency brake cable and Laurence’s puller that can now go back home.

The part I had been waiting for -counting the teeth to determine the ratio. The parts book has three ratios listed: 8 and 41, 9 and 41 and 10 and 41. 10 and 41 means 4.10 rear end, which means lower engine speed per wheel revolution since the gear only has to go around 4.1 times per wheel revolution instead of 4.56 times for the common 9 and 41 tooth combo. Divide 4000 rpm by these two ratios and you suddenly see it’s a big rpm drop.

There are different approaches to this but what I did was cleaned a tooth off with a rag, marked it with a sharpie, spun the input yoke and counted teeth until it came back around. I was happy to count 10 teeth on the small gear since it meant I didn’t spend two hours taking this apart for nothing.

Here are the bags of hardware removed from the rear end. More will be joining these as I take it further apart and clean it. I can’t wait to get my CAD plating kit and try it out on some of these.

There you go, two more hours spent on the SS -I guess that means 80 hours down, 920 to go. I am thinking I will put both rear ends together, the 4.10 described here, and the 4.56 I took apart last spring. I have two sets of Veloce brake plates and plenty of extra rear brake parts -why not! Depending on how hard it is to swap them out I could change rear ends to suit the event I’m going on. I know I have better things to be doing on this project but hey, it’s my project so who cares.


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