Market 165: Used car lot Interim Spider -nice!

Update 11/30/09: 21 bidders, $27,000, reserve met.  A good result!

Giulietta Spider 10103*10786. This car is on eBay right now out of Illinois. Car is an interim car falling right in the middle of 1960 production range for 10103 Spiders. Title year being one after production is the norm for these cars in the US. Car is said to be all restored and from a long time (28 years) owner.

The source of my title: the big 61 used car lot style window sticker. Front of the car looks great. Hood fits perfectly, chrome is exemplary and paint looks wet it’s so shiny. Wipers are higher on the windshield than I would recommend. At this height they would chatter in the wind and scuff the glass.

Back end looks kind of high -maybe it’s set up for transporting a body in the trunk. Door fit is amazing and the line formed by connecting the front bumper, rocker trim and rear bumper is perfect.

Euro version of the short lived interim tail lights. Better than the ovals and better than the late Spider tail lights. Even the license plate holder is in fantastic shape.

Trunk fit is not the best I’ve seen, but also far from the worst. Probably the result of new sealing rubber that needs to relax. That trunk latch is in great shape.

All comments about the drivers side apply to the passenger side too. This car really needs to be lowered in the back!

Interior is restored to driver grade. Carpet is restored to… umm, well, how about beater grade. At least it’s not a loose brown shag remnant from Carpeteria or something. Gauges, steering wheel and all are nice. Not a fan of the red piping on the dash edging -but that’s just my opinion.


Vroom. Looks like a 1300. Not overly detailed or anything just clean and honest. Air box looks to have been quite rusty at some point. Not a cheap part to find in good shape.

There you have it, a pretty nice spider with a buy it now of $29,000. A reasonable asking price for a car that doesn’t really need anything but has room for easy improvement. I can just hear the Euro import documents being rubber stamped on this one.

And another.
And a project just for fun.


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