Market 164: Another Spider racer roller

Update 12/5/09: This car sold for $5025. I would have to see the quality of the paint in person but this seems like a pretty good price for a car you can just start bolting parts onto. 

Giulietta Spider 10103*170861.  This car is on eBay right now out of New York. Seller says it’s a 1600 and it has a 1600 hood, but the vin number stated is that of a tipo 10103 1300. No big deal, it’s not going to get restored any time soon. 

170861 corner The car looks pretty good.  Wheel wells look to have been flared slightly.  Cage is pretty substantial.  Wheels are 105/115 era BWA’s I believe.  I kind of like these wheels and would put them on the 69 GTV given the chance.

170861 backMore white to enjoy.  Trunk fits well.  Suspension needs lowering, but you don’t want to do this until it’s fully laden.

170861 dash interiorI think that steering wheel is also out of a 105/115 era Alfa.  Gauge set up is no nonsense.  I guess a Brooklands screen would be the way to go.  Floors look solid.

170861 engine compartmentThat is a seriously stripped engine compartment.  Usually there are a few wires and brackets, but not here.  I’ll call it a blank canvas.

170861 underKoni red, new rebound strap, fuel cell, clean differential housing.  All looks pretty good.

engine transThis 2 liter and trans combo comes with the car.  The effort to put a 2 liter in a Giulietta Spider is not trivial.  If you want to race this car, most organizations are going to tell you to find a 1300 or 1600..  Radiator not included.

I anticipate this car will see the usual $4000 – $6000 range.  The Euro is VERY strong right now so Alfa’s are headed east by the container load.  It’s probably safe to assume this car will be joining them.

Another racer roller.

Another racer, this one a runner.

What you could do with this if it was your thing.

The obligatory nice one. Note engine effort.


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