Market 163: Interim Spider racer project

Update 12/5/09: This car sold for $5000 even.  Seemingly the new norm for incomplete unremarkable Giulietta Spider rollers.

Giulietta Spider 1495*09110.  This car is on eBay right now from a seller in the north east US who seems to have a lot of Giulietta stuff in their barn.  This car is said to have been a long time race car, but seems to only be stickers, stripes and a roll bar away from being your usual remainder of a parted out Spider- very solid and rust free remainder I should add.

spider 09110 cornerRace number might help explain why it ended up years later stripped on anything of value and sold off.  Front looks tough with the bumper brackets and blanks where the signal lights go.  Certainly sits low for a car with no engine, supporting the race car claim.

spider 09110 sideAgain, lower than an engineless car usually sits.  Wheels all look to be Fergats.  These cars look great in profile without a windscreen -you can really see the neat shape of the gauge cluster housing.

spider 09110 backRed on red with what, accents?  Would be hard to mistake on the track.  This era tail light is very cool.  Trunk panel fits pretty good.  Note Alfetta in the background and gaping doorway to treasure that is the barn door.

spider 09110 interiorStock gauges with some aftermarket add-ons zip-tied in the glove box: racing on a budget.  I see a shifter.  Seat looks like the usual mail order bucket.  Steering wheel is probably not the item this car wore in battle. 

spider 09110 floorVery solid here.  I see scary wires being emitted by the non stock gauges.

spider 09110 trunkMore solid metal and confirmation that the metallic paint is gold.  Reminds me of a sticker I saw once that said “If life gives you lemons, paint that shit gold!”   No gas tank and no sign of a fuel cell.

spider 09110 engine comopThis looks pretty good, all you would need is an engine and some where-with-all to get it in there, hooked up and sorted out.  Brake master cylinder, radiator and  transmission with throwout bearing linkages are all nice to have present.

spider 09110 vinAnd the VIN.

Lot’s of these Spider rollers have gone through eBay lately and $3500 – $6000 seems to be the range.  As a basis for a restoration a car like this would be frustrating, needing endless difficult to find and expensive parts to be sourced.  Put a 2 liter in it and do dough-nuts in your local Wallmart parking lot afterhours.

Another, from the same seller.

And another.

And a nice one.


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