D&S #2: Receiving my new SS

Update 11/6/09:  Following yesterdays installment is this one.  I saw that some of you peeked ahead and read this by following the link at the bottom of the page.  Sorry, nothing new for you guys.  Don’t worry, there will be a few new posts this weekend if the load of new parts in the back of the Sprint is any indication.  How’s the novel coming you ask?  I think I’m at about 7000 words right now.  I plan to be a few thousand ahead by Sunday evening.

Originally posted May 1, 2008. My second blog post ever!Money was paid, promises made and in early December 2007 I was the proud owner of a 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale. Between Christmas duties and ski trips for the kids it took about a month for the seller to gather the boxes of parts, pull the car out of storage and get everything loaded up and ready to ship. I have had bad experiences shipping cars through brokers so I did some searching and found Randy of Motor Auto Express on Hemmings.com. His was the only listing I found that simply had his cell phone number and what seemed like a good sign, he works out of Washington. I called Randy on a Monday afternoon and the car was picked up the following Friday. Randy was as professional as could be asked for and I am very happy with his service and have recommended him several times.

Of course the day the car arrived at my shop it was raining. Hard. Randy’s truck rolls up and amazingly the rain stops. When the door opens and the car is revealed my heart sinks, not necessarily because the car is worse than I expected, it’s just the gravity of the project settles on me with its full weight. This car needs a lot of work, a lot of work I know how to do in theory but have never attempted. I change the one flat tire and we roll it out of the truck. OK, maybe it is worse than I thought, or was I just glossing over the rough edges. I’ll have to review the pictures again to see if it was me who misled myself.

I unpack the boxes, make a list of parts that are present to compare with what was promised and take some pictures. The parts list will also be helpful as I start searching for missing parts. My work space is a little cramped so I decide the first thing I should do is build a loft to put shelves and work tables on so I can spread out. As I drive home from the shop I am wondering what I have gotten myself into. Pictures below are from the day after the car was dropped off.

Someone had started this project. The brownish-black is some sort of rust inhibiting paint.

This dent is not as bad as it looks. The paint history of the car can clearly be seen here. Metallic blue on top of bright orange-red on top of original red.

The body here, between the passenger door jamb and front wheel has been cut away to reveal the inner structure. It’s not nearly as bad as it looks.

The missing floor will no doubt cause me headaches. At least they left the special Veloce emergency brake mount in place, seen here pointing upward from the rear transmission tunnel.

This is the passenger side front trailing arm mount. This is a very strong box section mount that has been smashed flat by the weight of the car most likely during an unintended off-road excursion.

And the grand finale if you will. This headlight opening is wrong in a lot of ways and will require professional help.

This link leads to the next episode.


2 thoughts on “D&S #2: Receiving my new SS

  1. I was just reading your post about acquiring your GTV. It actually looks like a great car. I just purchased one myself since I gave my 78 spider to my daughter in college. The GTV is going to be worked on much as your SS, a little at a time in my garage. In your post you stated that you hated your BWA wheels. I have two of them on my car and i was hoping to complete the set. Any chane you would part with them for a reasonable price, maybe a partial trade?? I have access to many parts for more comtempoary 70’s and 80’s alfas through a friend. Would you be willing to work some thing out?

    Just thought i would ask. I really appreciate your blog. I think I will be using it as a primary reference for much of what i will be doing on the GTV.

    • Richard,

      You can have the BWA’s and the rest of the GTV for $6000 -drive it home wherever (really -I’d drive it across country tomorrow). I would need a set of wheels but am willing to work with you. I have two turbinas so I guess if you got me two turbinas, paid to have my tires moved over to the turbinas and gave me a little cash you could have the whole set.

      email me at sprints@giuliettas.com

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