GTV go over: gauging my progress

Dare I go into the needless tasks I’ve been performing on the GTV? I’m supposed to just make the wipers work and here I am with the gauges apart. Well, I actually like the challenges that lurk behind the cloudy glass of a gauge set and I am waiting to take possession of a used wiper motor and heater valve so why not? I tied one end of the rope securely and tossed the other into the dark depths, lit the light on my miners helmet and descended.

69 alfa gtv gaugesCome on, if you had the power to make these nice and clear and functional and well, just better you would do it too wouldn’t you?

IMG_9845Like the inside of Barbies head, just the other side of the stuff on the outside. I took this for reference, but not much to see that will cause any head scratching.

IMG_9849Tach was easy, pried the ring off, cleaned the glass with IPA and glass cleaner, wiped some junk off the face and then reassembled it. No problem. Note the little wood trim and indicators have been cleaned up too. I think it was steel wool.

I have to revert to thousands of words rather than a few pictures to describe getting from the picture above to the picture below since I forgot my camera the day I did this. It was something like this: The speedometer didn’t work right during the few test drives I took so I knew it was going to be more than a quick clean up like the tach. Turned out the mechanism inside had been liberally (like an aspic) packed in heavy black grease. I don’t think the person who did this realized that the way these speedometers work is with the cable spinning a magnetic disk that acts on an aluminum disk via electrical eddy current, touchless in carwash parlance, and a spring acts against the eddy current, calibrating the motion of the needle which is attached to the aluminum disk. Anyhow, the interface between the magnetic and aluminum disks had been changed from air to grease and so it was erratic to say the least. I used white gas and carb cleaner to remove as much of the grease as I could and in doing so I ended up getting a lot of grease all over the face. I used the carb cleaner to clean up the face and ended up removing some of the black paint. I used a sharpie to try and touch it up but it just kept getting worse. I left the shop disspirited, thinking I should just find another gauge.

On the way to the shop the next day I had the bright idea to mask off the white markings and try a little flat black spray paint on the remaining areas since most of the paint loss was in the area between the middle and markings. Let the pictures commence.

IMG_9863So the problems in the face were mostly in the unmasked area seen here. It was a leap of faith that the flat black spray paint would blend with the rest of the gauge under the blue tape.

IMG_9864Here’s the gauge after the spray. You can see I sprayed it pretty lightly to help it blend.

IMG_9865This is what it looked like after the tape came off. The lettering on the generator and heater indicator lights lifted a little but I think I can live with it given how good the rest came out.

IMG_9867And the result. Ring polished, face painted and reassembled. this was about an hours work all told.

So I’m back to where I started after an hour and a half of playing with the gauges. The wipers still don’t work, the heater valve diaphragm is still no good and the heater box and dash are still waiting to be reinstalled. Once I get the parts I need and a few more little jobs done I’ll put it all back together. Wait until you see where the Fiat is. Stay tuned.

Previous attempt at repair to the GTV can be found here.

More gauge repair can be found here.


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