Market 161: Nice 1600 Spider in Seattle

Update 11/6/09: 30 bids, $26,100, reserve not met.  A lot of money for a 1600 Spider.  I suspect we will be seeing this car again. 

Giulia 1600 Spider 10123*372671. This car is currently on eBay out of Seattle Washington. There seem to be a lot of these 1600 Spiders making the rounds on eBay lately, perhaps a good time to jump in if you have been considering one.

spider 372671 cliffVery nice image here. Good to see someone thinking about how the effort put in to listing a car is proportional to the result. It just looks right. Trim, stance, panel fit -everything and a nice vista to boot.

spider 372671 sideAgain, nothing bad to say about this car. This is a good ride height for these, not so low as to cause worry, not so high as to look ridiculous.

spider 372671 backTrunk fits well, not the best lower edge I’ve seen but close. All the right badges and trim in all the right places. Reflection of the steering wheel in the rear view mirror looks weird.

spider 372671 detailThis pictures thousand words are all about how good the paint looks, how smooth the sides are and how much time and expense went into making it so.

spider 372671 interiorSeats and carpet look to be original and with patina. Does that rear view look larger than usual? Very nice.

spider 372671 gaugesGauges are average. On a car this nice I would get some new inserts. Horn button looks good.

spider 372671 engineLooks pretty good from this angle too. It’s too bad the nice round black wrinkle finish air filters so often seen in Italy are not available here. These modern square filters just don’t cut it style wise -but the addition of a Weber is good reason to live with it. I see a lot of splices in the heater circuit.

372671 spider under 1Pretty clean from this angle too. I think everyone should give the car they’re selling a good washing before listing -even down low, and include pictures of the underside. So often they are poorly prepped for sale and achieve disappointing sale prices.

spider 372671 under 2Normale 1600 oil pan, original type oil filter and more clean.

This car should see a strong end price based on the quality of the pictures, the condition of the car and the forthright description which I included below. You have to put some effort into it if you are one of several of the same car on eBay at the same time.

Auction text: “Since the beginning of time man has been caught up in the struggle between good and evil, fun and not-so-fun, husband and wife, cool Alfa Romeo and new roof on the house. Sometimes man wins and drives off into the sunset ….. sometimes, it goes the other way. I can’t conceive of how it is possible that the cost of a new roof has gotten to the point where it is on par to the value of this great car … I also can’t conceive of how that fact is even relevant. But, I don’t get to decide these things and as a good friend and peace keeper I have stepped in to help Ken find a new, kinder, gentler home for this red beauty. A home where it will never again have to be looked at as a commodity that could be traded for some thing as mundane as mere shelter.
The object of this struggle is a red (black top and interior) 1962 ( by the Alfa book – but 1963 on it’s title/registration) Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider with 1600cc dual overhead cams, five speed transmission. It currently is fueled by a Weber carburetor while the original Solex carb and it’s related air cleaner and accessories are included with the car. It was restored in 1991-1992 starting with a very nicely kept original car. As expected with these cars, there was a little bit of rust repair under the battery and in the floors. Ken bought the car from the gentleman that oversaw the body and mechanical work and then put the car together. He is a jeweler by trade and the attention to detail in his work is very evident. His intent was to keep and use the car but once the project was back on the road he never really got to the “using it” part of the plan. Not more than 2000 of the total 39,550 miles have rolled under the wheels since the restoration and earlier this year he nobly stepped aside and passed the car along to dear friend, Ken. Ken spent a great deal of effort, this summer, finishing up most of the little items that were not previously completed. A little remains to be done (noted later.)
Though the major work on the car was done in 1991 and 1992, this spider shows beautifully. It has never been out in the rain since the restoration. The paint is very shiny and with the exception of one minor ding, and a few minor paint flaws the body is excellent. (The local “Dent Wizard” should be able to massage this small blemish out at little cost.) The chrome is in great shape, with the exception of the tail light housings that are pitted and the trunk lock where the chrome is very worn. Also, the grill must have been bumped in it’s former life and still has a couple of small dents. The tires have good tread but their age is showing and the left front loses air if left for a few weeks. The top is very nice and was new in 1994. It has never been up since this initial installation so there are none of the related scratches or wear marks on the paint of the rear deck. The interior is very nice. The seat upholstery is original and in great condition. My only observation of room for improvement on the interior is where the covering on the back of the seats meets the upholstery at the top edge there is a small gap. Also, the faces of the gauges are faded from age, the interior door handles are after-market and the shifter boot is in need of replacement. There are two Alfa interior door handles that don’t match each other but will come with the car (they need re-chroming.)
Mechanically, the car is exceptional. The engine, transmission and rear end were all rebuilt by a local shop that specialized in Alfa Romeos and the car runs as you would hope. The engine compartment is nicely painted and all systems well detailed. The engine runs great with a nice steady idle and no stumbles or smoke on acceleration. The transmission functions as it should with easy shifts and no odd noises or whines. The clutch (replaced during the restoration) is smooth and operates as it should. The brakes were gone through during the restoration too and work well. The emergency brake works and has a new cable. With the exception of the license plate lights that are MIA (but available through several of the national Alfa parts suppliers) all of the lights work as does the heater and it’s fan. The wipers work well but the arms and blades were deemed not worthy of the car and are not installed. (new ones are available through the major Alfa suppliers and there are four arms and several blades that will come with the car)
All of the gauges work but oil temp and water temp gauges readings are suspect. The Alfa shop looked at them and said that they are getting voltage but just reading very low. The car has never overheated but the gauges are something that probably should be looked at again. What appears to be the original radio is installed in the dash but it currently remains silent (not wired in and no antenna.) The spare tire is MIA but the jack and a tire iron are there. The battery resides in the trunk and is fairly fresh with no starting issues.
In summary, I think that you will be delighted in the condition of this wonderful car. While it isn’t a show car or trailer queen, it is an exceptional car that you can drive with great pride, a car which should do very well in local car shows. Where the fun really comes in though is on the road. This thing handles like an oversized go-kart but much different than a British sports car of the era. Where a British car gets it’s great handling by stiffening the suspension up with the sacrifice of comfort, the Italians are able to get superb handling without the harsh ride. This car leans when it first goes into a corner but then just hangs on and surprises you with it’s grip. A drive down a winding road will put a grin on your face that will be hard to erase. The little dual overhead cam engine is a jewel and when it hits about 3500RPM it puts out this unexpected growl that will widen your grin even more.
Alfa for a roof … are you kidding?”


2 thoughts on “Market 161: Nice 1600 Spider in Seattle

  1. Hi Matt,
    Does anyone have reference to the type of door check strap used on 101 Spiders. Mine are missing and I would like to fabricate and reinstall them.
    Many thanks.
    A pic would be v. usefull.

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