Pushing Product 5: At it again

This pushing product series is funny -an analogy for the intended effect of having the ladies beside the vehicles. I get a high number of visitors for about 2 days after posting one of these photo collections and lots of picture views of the sexier numbers. This installment is the usual aggregate of pictures of ladies used as advertising that readers forwarded me links to or I found on my own while on an internet expedition. From the classy to the silly to the chaste to the sleazy. Behold.

50_specialAaron sent me this one. She is very cute and obviously quite fond of the motorcycle. Dig that white belt. She would be what, 75 years old now?

!BWd(b-wB2k~$(KGrHgoH-DkEjlLl0KttBK(h7r)ro!~~_3This is one of those “Hey Joe, you know any girls look good in a bikini?” and they end up with a check out girl from the local sporting goods store in front of their car looking awkward.

2874733Chris sent me a link to this one from the Samba. This is someone dressed up as someone dressed up as someone in drag. What a creepy combination she makes with a perky dunebuggy.

9871_4You’ve seen her before. Someones kid doing someone a favor. The whole on your knees thing seems ill-advised, but if I remember correctly this was in the bible belt so it’s probably just coincidence.

d447_1This one is just plain weird. I think she IS the check out girl at whatever sweets shop this is in front of -frozen yogurt maybe?

28And then there is this one. Not sure if a Lambo requires this kind of slutty treatment, but I’m glad the owner thought it did. Definitely hired help. The one in pink is a taking it a little more seriously.

27Another view and yes this picture was indeed on eBay. Apparently they have lowered their standards, or perhaps they just couldn’t cancel an auction that would make them several thousand dollars if it was successful. Not the hardest dollar these girls have earned. Does the girl in white seem embarrassed? Let it be over is what she probably keeps thinking.

And then, just like that it’s over. You spend a few moments lamenting the shortness of life, the power of distraction -especially when it’s an amateur attempt at harnessing the power in the adage ‘sex sells’ and then finally you laugh at yourself and tell yourself to lighten up, she is pretty good looking after all, slutty or not, and your internal data processing call and response algorithms are just following orders.

Pushing product.
Pushing product 2.
Pushing product 3.Pushing product 4.


One thought on “Pushing Product 5: At it again

  1. eBay had to allow the Lambo pics because the girls are actually part of the Lamborghini Sport TA package (for an extra $100K or so, available only in Florida and New Jersey).

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