Market 158: Interim 750E Sprint Veloce project

Update 11/11/09:  This car was relisted and sold for $11,500 with 1 bidder.  This is a little more like it for a Veloce.

Update 11/6/09: 21 bids, $7300, reserve not met.  I am a little surprised by this.  Veloce’s are usually at a premium.  Maybe the reality of trying to track down all the required stuff to restore it has dampened the usual fervor.  We’ll see it again I suppose.

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750E 1493*11014.  This car is on eBay right now out of -you guessed it- Newport Beach California.  I’m pretty sure this is a car that was on Craigslist recently and the seller, a guy I know from buying a 1750 for my SS before I found the 00121 1600, decided he would let a pro list it and get all the money for it.  The original engine would have been one of the last 1315*3xxxx Veloce engines, but I suspect it would have had 40DCOE 2’s at this point as they had been out for a while.  Anyone have a Sprint Veloce from this series 1493*11001 – 11101 or a Spider Veloce 750F between 1495*05620 – 07213 that has 40DCO3’s?

frontcloseNose is in good shape.  You can clearly see here how Bertone used lead to fill out the body shape .  Bumper, grills and headlight rings all look good.

rightrear3Sits like a car that is missing its engine.  Sill trims rear bumper and a tail light lens are not too horrible to find.

rearTrunk lid doesn’t fit too bad.  Primer around the trunk edge could mean rust repair.

leftsideSeller states the corner seen here had a minor mishap and the bondo seen here is the repair.  All four wheels have hubcaps and badges are present on both sides of the front fenders.

leftfrontunderThis is what a dry Sprint underside should look like.  This car is a later car than mine based on the closed sills.  Makes me wonder how much of the engine is 101 spec.

trunkDrive shaft, intermediate shaft, one Borrani steel wheel, the heater plenum and a small patch by the fuel filler door.  Note the Veloce only ridge running from the fuel fill cap to the rear fire wall.

dashnwheelSteering wheel and dash look really good.  I would paint the rest of the car to match.  Horn button reads “Special” and thus is from a Spider.  Note there is a choke pull, another detail that makes me think this car might have 40DCOE2’s.  I checked the parts book but it doesn’t indicate when the transition was made.  I bet Greig will chime in on this.

dataplateAnd another build plate for comparison.  Your welcome.

I think Alfa must have had a group of 1315*3xxxx series engines hanging around and decided to make a run of 100 Sprint Veloce’s to use them up.  These cars would probably have split case 4 speeds and a 4.56 rear end.  

This car is not too bad.  Absence of Veloce drive train is a challenge, but not insurmountable.  I think this will be on a boat to Germany or Belgium in a few weeks.

Another Sprint Veloce.

And another.

And another.


1 thought on “Market 158: Interim 750E Sprint Veloce project

  1. I have a long block that might be usable for this car, the # is 131531028. If the current owner is interested in it (should he/she read this)it will likely be available.


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