GTV and Fiat: pleasing two mistresses…

I am making progress towards simplification, but some of these simplifying measures are turning out to be quite complex -the Fiat engine swap for example.  I mentioned recently that I bought an 1800 TC out of a late 70’s 124 Spider to put in the Sedan.  Last weekend I took possession of said engine after an hour and a half helping easing it out of the Spider -a tip for all you aspiring 1800 TC removalists, drop the steering centerlink so the flywheel can clear it!  Suddenly I have a somewhat long, but not really very expensive list of Fiat parts to procure if I want this engine to fall into place.  I think I have a package deal coming together so maybe this wont be so bad.  I guess I’ll be the FIAT 124 twin cam in a pushrod car swap expert in a week or two.

fiat engine coming outHard to believe how much engine you can get for $250.  This thing sounded and ran good with no smoke, is clean and not much bigger (they basically share a block) than the pushrod motor it’s going to replace.  Note fancy wrinkle finish on the belt cover.  I like.

fiat engine coming out twoHere’s Chris struggling with the steering centerlink.  The waft from the mounds of dog crap I was constantly stepping around gave me a sense of urgency I don’t usually have when pulling an engine.  These cars look great without bumpers.  A coupe for me someday?

Okay, there’s the Fiat update.  It’s on a schedule that should have it on the road in a few weeks if not better.  I am still researching 5 speed options, but most seem to require either a bunch of money or a bunch of fabrication, neither of which I’m keen to do.  Good thing the 4 speed will work for now.

gtv wiper motor 1Okay, the other Albatross around my neck.  The GTV just needs wipers, and heat would be nice to have.  Once I have those  I can wipe one hand against the other, brush off my pants, put my cigarette out like I’m squashing a bug and start learning my fellow 880 commuters about the mighty GTV.  Here’s the offending part.  Hooked up to power it does nothing.  Time to look inside.

gtv wiper motor twoGrease that is exactly 3 years older than me.  It doesn’t seem to have survived its mid-life crisis.  There are two brass contacts that run around a disk, you can just make both out in the picture.  One is continuous, this is the one that gets power when you turn on the switch, power that turns the motor.  The other has a plastic break in it and it gets power all the time, this is the park mechanism.  So far so good.

gtv wiper motor threeI once had the transmission on a 1963 Honda CB77  Superhawk lock up on me as I was taking off from a stoplight.  What you see in this picture shut me down with pretty much the same sudden impunity.  I need a new motor.  APE has been contacted, I’m waiting to hear.  Anyone got one of these?

There you have it, another exciting glimpse into the brain of someone who spends way too much time and effort fooling around with old cars.  Oh, and by the way, I sold the gray Spider, so one less thread of complication and diversion has been removed from my path to getting back to working on the SS.  Anyone want a 69 GTV pretty cheap? Alex, you want it back?  I’m serious! Would be sweet to ONLY have 3 old cars to fuss with.

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5 thoughts on “GTV and Fiat: pleasing two mistresses…

  1. I say: sell everything but the SS and Sprint, and don’t go buy anything else for at least ONE year. It’s like being addicted.

    • Pat,

      I agree with you, but part of me would rather have the Fiat than the Sprint. Blasphemy I know, but SS and Sprint are pretty similar. Hmmm.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


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