Market 156: Giulia SS 380642 in Italy

Giulia Sprint Special 10121*380642.  While perusing their garden of arcane delights I found this announcement on Anamera of Coys intent to auction this Padova Italy based car.  Estimated selling price is 38,000 Euro’s or $56,700 of our recently depressed US dollars.  I would call this near retail for a nice SS that is not really perfect but doesn’t have much in the way of wants.

380642 frontIt’s always tough to judge these cars because even the slightest deviation from a perfectly head on picture makes them look a little asymetric.    Drivers side corner of this car looks ever so slightly lower than passenger corner and all it takes to cause this is an odd reflction.  It’s all part of the hand made charm.  Bright work is all present and pretty good, though I would guess the headlights are mismatched in some way -whether age or brand.  Where in Italy is GR?

380642 sideThis car looks very low front and rear.  The lip of the rims is under the fender edge front and back.  I suppose it must also be tight or it would be rubbing all over the place.  Red for an SS has grown on me more and more.  I don’t really see anything to fault here.

380642 backMan, I have to get back to work on my SS.  I need my fellow commuters to see the back of one of these every morning.  Trunk fit is good on this car.

380642 underhoodI don’t have any proof, but I think that this car would have had the tapered intake manifold (#380456, 380459, 380473 and 380784 all do).  Ignition wires are all over the place, red valve cover is typical, ducting is threadbare and all in all it’s a little under detailed which means it probably runs great so no one ever gets under the hood except to check the oil and to take a picture to sell it.

380642 interiorLooks okay.  I think the tan seen here would have been a grayish color originally.  I STILL need one of these mirrors.

380642 back interiorA little room for your luggage is all you get cback here.  Door jamb looks clean.  Seat back looks odd with that screwed on panel.  All in all very presentable.

The estimate is all the money for this car, hopefully Coys will announce the result.  I really do need to get on with it and fix my SS.  Somebody please take my 69 GTV away!

Another nice Giulia SS

And a project

And a racer.


4 thoughts on “Market 156: Giulia SS 380642 in Italy

  1. Wow . But this is my EX lovely SS.
    I start to search photos of an heather blower (i think i have it one for the ss in my spare parts but i need a photo to compare )and i find my little bad red car . If anynone is interested the motor have a little bit of performance than the original: h stamped pistons , camshaft , weber 45 , lightened flywheel , and also lowered hard springs setting for circuit .
    Hope this helpful
    Regards . Carlo

    • Carlo,

      Thanks for dropping by. Can one help but add a little bit if performance to an SS? I was tempted to just go tuned 1750 since I don’t have the correct engine…

      Do you have any pictures from when it was being restored?

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