Market 155: 58 Spider Veloce

Update 10/27/09:  Wow – 40 bidders drove the price of this car up to $44, 421!  Very strong money for a ‘driver’ condition Spider Veloce, but a price which I think in the years to come will seem a bargain.  Not a lot of short wheel base Spider Veloce’s were made.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1496*05063, 1315*31917.  This Spider is on eBay right now out of Washington.  It’s not perfect, but it is not pretending to be and all in all it looks like a pretty great car to “take to the next level” if you are in the market for an early Spider Veloce. It’s got a little more than 3 days left to the auction and is at $25K.

!Bc54lpwBmk~$(KGrHqUOKjkEq5UJorjkBK2j83Pqhg~~_3Looks good.  I like a car that has an honest description of the condition that actually matches what is seen.  Everything I usually point out is  present and in good shape.  Borrani steels are considered correct for Veloce’s but the parts book indicates it’s an either or deal.  Popular belief (I”ve heard stories of Fergats breaking int he track) is that Borrani’s are stronger than Fergat’s so maybe the Veloce’s unofficially always had them.

!Bc53)5QB2k~$(KGrHqQOKiQEq47YWg4UBK2j5PJKzg~~_3Another nice view.  Compared to below, the trunk grows quite a bit when the top is removed.  Rear end sits up kind of high.

!Bc54V)w!Wk~$(KGrHqUOKjkEq5UJorjkBK2j7o1fFw~~_3Look at how much longer the trunk looks.  Brightwork is pretty good on this car.  The club is so 1994.

!Bc531zgCGk~$(KGrHqYOKiQEq5B3VJT5BK2j5gVvpw~~_3Trunk fits very well.  This is the Washington equivalent of a ‘black plate’.  Body work looks to have been well done based on the distortions in the reflection.  Look at the horizon line next to the drivers side tail light.

Auction Text: ”

1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F. Real Veloce, not an “abnormale”. This car belonged to my grandfather, and was subjected to a full rotisserie/bare shell, photo-documented restoration in 2002. Sadly, he passed away during the restoration and was not able to see the completed car. I have had the car since the restoration was finished but now the demands of a small business and a new mortgage are forcing me to reduce the collection and this lovely Alfa has to find a new owner.

Overall, this Giulietta is a solid #2 or #2+ using the standard 1-5 classic car rating scale. It is definitely a driver not a show car, and as it gets driven a lot it is well-sorted and very reliable. Despite the temperamental reputation of the 750 Veloce, this car starts up quickly and idles easily even after sitting for a few days or weeks. As a driver it does have some minor imperfections, noted below, but the body is solid and completely rust-free, the paint was done to a very, very high standard and is holding up well and it’s mechanically excellent.

In addition to the full restoration, a number of upgrades were made, including:

Magneto ignition conversion

Displacement increased to 1500cc

Carillo rods

Full stage 5 head from Sperry Valve Works

5-speed gearbox conversion (done without modifying the transmission tunnel)

Spin-on oil filter conversion

The result is a tractable but powerful motor. This car is very easy to drive quickly but can also sit in traffic (although, why would you?).

Notable issues include:

Some imperfections in the paint around the deck lid where the convertible top lands

Seat padding needs to be replaced

The Pirelli P3s are getting old and really should be replaced

The convertible top is coming away from the header rail (shown in the photos)

The horn ring plastic covering is missing, but I am including a good replacement horn ring

The original air cleaner is missing, but I am including a correct replacement Veloce air cleaner housing and hardware

The restoration shop cobbled together an external thermostat housing (shown in the photos) but I am including the correct in-line thermostat

The oil temperature gauge is not working

The fuel gauge is wildly inaccurate

And, of course, what’s with the green engine compartment? Good question. My grandfather was a noted specialist in Italian and British sports and racing cars and he was meticulous in his restorations – both the work that he did and the work that was done for him – but he was somewhat eccentric when it came to colors. He liked a colorful engine bay, hence the paint scheme, non-original polished cam covers, etc. Not a difficult area to change as the green extends only as far as the “frame rails”.

This car has been part of my family for a long time. It has passed from my grandfather to my father and then to me. My wife and I left our wedding in it and we have taken it on many wonderful drives over the last few years. It has been much loved and cared for, but it’s time for it to find a new home.

Engine number: AR1315*31917
Correct DC03 Weber carbs
77mm cylinder bore using high compression JE pistons. Sperry indicates a 1500cc displacement with this setup.
Stock veloce rods, polished and balanced (not Carillo rods as indicated above)
Sperry stage 5 head (port/polish, oversize valves, custom cam grind)
Nitrided crank
Vertex magneto ignition”


!Bc54)1!CGk~$(KGrHgoOKjwEjlLmV5FdBK2j9yWrfw~~_3I would get rid of all this red piping.  It’s too fat and way to busy, but it was how a lot of these came.  Just my preference folks.  Gauges are a little yellow, carpets look kind of tired.  All in all it could be fixed up to the new owners standard fairly easily.

!Bc53grQCGk~$(KGrHqMOKiMEq46M,09QBK2j37oZs!~~_3I think the Italian flag colors are being honored here.  I’d go red pretty quickly after receiving the car, but again, that’s just me.  Air box is missing and vent ducting is the usual OSH stuff, but it looks pretty clean and purposeful under here.  I like the custom inline thermostat.

!Bc53mfQ!Wk~$(KGrHqQOKiIEq49g4CNKBK2j4(p9lw~~_3The ever important F that combined with a bunch of other details says Veloce.  Wiring clamp screw should be a standard cheese head or whatever they call it.  Oh well.

!Bc54MV!B2k~$(KGrHqQOKjIEq43mEwu)BK2j69vYSg~~_3If the whole underside is like this then I would call it a pretty clean car. 

750 Spiders, especially 57 and before cars are pretty sought after right now.  I bet rich guys are hoarding them against the day they are $100K cars.  This car is just quirky enough that it might be had for a seeming bargain.  Lack of rust, matching numbers and original intake parts make this a blue chip investment.

Another 750F Veloce.

And Another.

And yet another..


11 thoughts on “Market 155: 58 Spider Veloce

  1. Hi Matt:

    Mike from Canada here. some SMUCK is currently trying to sell this same car using some of the same pictures right now on the Bellingham Wa Craigslist for $13,900.00. i emailed the sale # and requested a serial # and some info plus a contact phone#. the guy emails back with a portion of the serial #, huh, same as this car you’re writing about. he states the car is in Great Falls Montana and his platoon is being called back to service in Afganastan. what a load of crap. he won’t provide a phone #, gee i wonder why. he says if the car sells, then he will arrange shipping of the car to the purchaser.
    i hope no one falls for this old scam. i will go back into Craigslist and flag plus put in a warning so no one gets burned.



  2. it took me 3 tries to get my ad warning of the scam but it was worth it, i would hate to see any alfa bretheren get burned by these low lifes.
    congrats on your spider acquisition, the giulia sedan looks great too. kudos to you my friend.

    ps i guess these scammers go after a deposit on a non existing car.

    what a tease though.

    • Mike,

      I am glad there are guys out there like you to help keep the field level.

      Well, I sold the Spider to local friend Luigi and Giulia to Southern California sedan lover. Still on the fence about whether I need my GTV.

      You are right -the deposit is the thing.


  3. I bought the 1958 750F from Chris Stevens from Seattle on eBay for 44k. It is much nicer than even the auction stated and I had a four page thorough inspection during the auction and spoke with the svc manager of Ferrari of Seattle and knew what I was buying. Wow what a great car and it is a blast to drive. I have already secured or am in the process of acquiring the parts needed to complete the car and make it a correct concours 750F. Chris has already done 75% of the work so it is not that big of a project and should will be completed by summer.

    • Terry,

      Glad you stepped up to buy it and thanks for dropping a line here. I think you will be happy with your investment, both on the road and in the wallet in the years to come.


  4. $44K for a nice matching numbers Spider Veloce is definitely an excellent buy. Think about how many fewer 750F Alfas there are around than Austin Healeys and how much nicer a car it is than a Healey of approximately the same vintage. The Alfa is far more sophisticated and sold new for around 30% more than a Healey back in the day. The fact that a nice Healey 100M regularly brings over $100K should tell you that a Spider Veloce is very underpriced at this time.

  5. Yes I bought that car and is is almost ready. MOtor totally rebuilt, along with transmission, flywheel, new clutch, brakes, seats, carpet, top, Cinturato P3’s 155 SR15tires, gauges and fifty other things. Underside paint is body color now and is as good at the body all new including everything else. Only two parts I am still looking for is a Marelli starter and coil. Several kind knowable Alfa 750/101 guys have guided me through this project and educated me. Been driving a real nice 101 in the mean time and cannot wait to get in this car. I have know idea how right Alfa Romeo had a car in 1955. They are wonderful but then who on here does not already realize that.?

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