69 GTV go over: trying to make the wipers work…

I had a kind of disagreement with the Mrs recently. It rained like crazy on Tuesday and Wednesday and I had to use our modern car (BMW, aka: her car) to get to work, which leaves her asking a friend for a ride, because the Sprint doesn’t have working wipers, the GTV doesn’t have working wipers (or reg), the Fiat isn’t running, the SS is in a million pieces and, well, you get the idea.  I promised that the highest priority for me would be getting a car together to drive to work that was appropriate for all weather.  I’d rather not drive the Sprint in the rain anyway, so the GTV is the logical choice for this sort of daily duty.

What I figured would be a blown fuse has morphed in to a full restoration project.  Sigh.

cowl coverThe wiper motor lives under this cowl.  They say it’s a good idea to remove these occasionally to clear leaves out.  I wonder what I’ll find?

cowl cover offKind of underwhelming.  No squirrels, no rats, not even a spider.  Wiper rack and motor are held in by 4 13mm bolts and come out as a unit.

leaves in cowlNo fauna, but plenty of decomposing flora.  This little ecosystem is right over the cowl drain hole.  In a good rain I bet this would fill up and water would come in the hole the heater draws air through.  Good thing I have a shop vac.

crud under wiper motorI used a skinny vaccuum extension and my hand to get as much out as I could.  I think someone sprayed oil in here to keep it from rusting.  There is no rust but it is very gross.  Will clean extensively before reassembly.

wiper motor problemHere’s the wiper problem, two disconnected wires.  I think a 12 volt electric potential needs to exist between these and the chassis for the  wiper motor to function.  Maybe I’m lucky and the motor itself is okay.

under dashI can’t find those wires under the dash and I need to clean out the cowl drain hose so the easiest thing to do is just remove the dash and console.  Here the console is already removed. 

center consolI guess I might as well clean this thing up while it’s out.  Polish gauges and ashtray, sand and clear coat wood, clean switch contacts, buy a new shift boot and retainer -I think  you get the idea.

wiringAs much for reference as anything else.  That black tar covered insulation is nasty stuff!  See that toggle switch in the upper left corner?  The dash mounting bolt is behind it.  There is also one on the passenger side, same location.

dash coming outTo remove the dash you have to remove the defroster vents from the top, then slide the vent hoses down on the inside to expose two mounting bolts.  On either end there is the mounting bolt mentioned earlier.  No fun getting to any of these.

dash outAnd so it goes!  45 minutes and the depths of the dash have been laid bare.  Heater and defroster ducts were all full of leaves.  I’ve got hours of fun ahead of me in here.  At least it’s better than the TI was…

Up next: tracing wires, cleaning, lubing and testing the wiper motor and rack, cleaning, lubing and testing the heater box and fan, and just general improvement.  Might be a good time to pull up the carpet in the front corners and do some rust patching.  Geez, I’m three steps away from a repaint.
I saw a really nice 69 GTV yesterday in Berkeley so I am enthusiastic about this car. Stay tuned!

GTV: replacing the water pump and carb mounts.

GTV: Acquisition story.


5 thoughts on “69 GTV go over: trying to make the wipers work…

    • If it makes you feel any better I’m probably just going to go with a dash cap unless a reasonalbly priced dash comes along!


  1. Get those wipers going and STOP whatever else you’re doing to the car!!! Remember why the Mrs. was pissed off in the first place.

  2. Matt………..I’m with Patrick – Focus, focus, focus, or you’re going to be walking to work next time it rains…..

    Seems like Pat & I have both been there & are fast learners…….. LOL

    Get that GTV running & back into service ASAP, the SS & Sprint are calling

    • I should have it back together in a few days. What good are wipers if you can’t turn on your defroster fan and clear the fog from the inside of the windscreen? How much better is the 45 minute drive to work with a radio? Only a few hours, I promise. I’d be assembling the SS engine if my parts order would show up. Sold my Giulietta Spider too!


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