Market 119: Cheap Giulietta Spider Racer

Update 10/20/09: 28 bidders resulted in a seling price of $13,500. This is very low for this car. A competitive 1300 engine alone is close to $10K to build. I wish I wasn’t paring down myself or I would have jumped in! Another Giulietta heads for Germany.

Update 10/14/09: This car is back on eBay. Previous buyer and now seller has a pretty comprehensive description and you now know exactly what you are getting. If nothing else, the auction is worth a visit to see some vintage pictures of it in action. I wonder what has been done to the engine? Cams? Big valves? Look for a solid end price this time.

310250106_oLooks like fun. These cars look good with no grill trims at all.

310250114_oIt’s hard to put a price on proven track time. This car seems to have it. I want a race car!

Giulietta Spider Race Car 10103 1495*11341. This car was on eBay briefly last week and ended BUY IT NOW on 5/22/09 for $12,000. Someone got an amazing deal or ripped off and I suspect the latter. If you know this car drop me a line.

ar%20(2)Good color, great panel fit, very nice trim condition.

ar%20(4)Wheels are late 60’s 105, the type with clip on hub caps. Tail lights look great, cut down windshield is awesome.

ar%20(5)Under door trim looks good. Roll bar is more comprehensive than the usual hoop but should probably be full width.

ar%20(6)Simple dash with just a rev counter is cool. Note power switch by the trunk hinge. Usually the glove box doors and radio blank off’s have been removed on race cars.

ar%20(8)Racing buckets have been upholstered to match the rest of the car. Note wide rear view mirror.

ar%20(10)The business. Light blue cam cover is pretty cool. One of the Italian builders I’ve seen before used blue cam covers. Barbi?
ar%20(11)Another view of the no nonsense engine bay.
ar%20(12)Fuel cell is placed low to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. I don’t think I’d leave the spare rim back there if I took this out on the track.
ar%20(13)James Bond’s racing Giulietta?

While writing this I decided to hop over to Bring a Trailer to see if they featured this car and of course they beat me to it. For a good read check out the comments section. Sorry it didn’t work out Mark.


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