Market 153: 750D Spider roller project

Update 10/20/09: 8 bids drove this car to $5451.45, a nice round number. Decent money and probably right at that point where the buyer and seller are happy. Another Giulietta off to foreign shores?

Giulietta Spider 1495*06230, 1315*05817.  This roller of a project Spider is on eBay right now out of Huntington Beach california.  Car was made 3/9/1959 and is a short wheelbase interim car.  Looks fairly complete but in need of a lot of help.  Engine is not original.  Opening bid is $5000, less than the aggregate parts value and very reasonable for a project this complete.

spider nose 06320Nose is a little busted up but not horribly.  Hood does what it was designed for.  These cars look tough without a windshield.

spider butt 06230That’s a looong tail pipe!  This is all about average for a car that has been languishing most of its life.  This car would have the Lucas oval tail lights I believe.

spider trunk 06230Looks crappy and will probably require a touch of welding, but is WAY better than mine!

spider under 06230Underside is very solid.  I think the low pipe is because it has lost a mount or two.  Everything is hooked up about right besides the pipe.  Drive shaft is at an odd angle.

spider dash 06230Gauges are absent here but seen in another ‘misc parts’ picture.  Floors look good although, like the trunk, I would assume at least a little welding is needed.

spider floor 06230Is that a Koni shock just visible in the upper left?  Seat tracks look rough and at about $500 per set, you better take this into consideration.

Auction Text: “This is a very solid top to bottom, jack points ect. surface rust only no panel replacement needed car. It’s been in it’ stripped and sitting condition for 45 years. Half of that in Hawthorne and the other half in Livermore California. It came through Hoffman Motor Cars in New York 3/24/59 and was built 3/9/1959. Archivio Storico says that engine # AR131505817 DOES NOT correspond to Chassis # AR1495.06230. It appears that someone was going to try to covert this to a Veloce with a 5 Speed. The tunnel is partially cut, but not removed. The engine turns freely and this is the short wheel base version. The 18,500 miles may be true. The lack of wear on the pedals, drivetrain, and steering, might be worth a professional autopsy. The car is complete, less the windshield, ( frame fine) and one hub cap. One front bumper and eyebrow is bent. Will ship worldwide. NO RESERVE, NO BUY IT NOW. Car rolls and steers freely. NO PARKING BRAKE. Car can be viewed Sunday Morning 10/18/09. Car is in Huntington Beach California. For further details and pictures, send your e-mail through E-Bay. Payment through Pay Pal, Wire Transfer, or CASH. Thanks for looking.”

spider vin 06230Engine by serial number is out of an early 1958 Sprint, so it is a pure 750 which means rebuild parts are a little on the expensive side.  I don’t think sourcing an appropriate Spider engine would be hard, APE has one sitting in their yard.

spider number 06230The Vin for posterity sake.

spider parts 06230Bits as the British call them.  Lots of bits.  Bumpers, grills, seats, the air canister, a manifold and some trim to the tune of probably $1500 worth.  Get a good inventory together and work with it through the resto, buying missing stuff as it comes up.

Sad only that it took this long for this thing to see the light of day and hopefully along with that light of day it will see the skilled touch of a pair of talented hands with tools.   You can’t really lose money-wise for less than about $6000, but can you win and make it a runner driver?

A similar car.

A better car.

An even better car.


2 thoughts on “Market 153: 750D Spider roller project

  1. Bugger.. I really wanted that, missed out by $100. My eBay skills need honing. How hard is it to get windscreens for these cars (something I should have researched prior to bidding).

    great website btw.. can you find me another :)

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