SS 00121 Engine #2: Clean up and assembly

After 9 months in gestation, this baby is going back together.  I have been stumbling over parts to this engine (main caps here, front cover there, toe stubbed on crank under rag) while treadng the circuitous detour paths paved by the Sprint, Berlina, TI, Fiat, Multipla,  and GTV and it is time to get it together before any of it’s parts disappear.

I’ve been throwing in one part for this rebuild with every Centerline order and, with a few exceptions, I think I have everything required to get this thing together.

00121 dirtyThis engine had been sitting in the corner until the Sprint engine came off the stand, at which point it went back on.  Refreshing the 2 liter for the TI meant it came back off.  A couple of weeks ago in a fit of working against entropy, I got it back on the stand, gathered up all the parts I had stumbled over in the last 9 months and made the practical decision to put it together soon.  Practical becasue a: it’s hard to loose engine parts that are assembled with foot pounds and sealer/glue to a very large heavy object and b: if I have nice shiny three thousand dollar engine waiting to go in  the SS I might be more motivated.

00121 cleanWith safety glasses on It goes thus… Step one: apply Simple Green, let soak  and then scrub with a stiff bristle brush.  Step two: powerwash.  Step three:  reapply Simple Green.  Step four: powerwash, repeat until clean.  Look at the warn dusky glow of sunset reflecting of the newly clean engine.

00121 number sideOnce the returns from powerwashing have diminished to a trickle, I like to use a wire brush and brass scraper to dislodge any tenacious grime.  This going-over is of course followed by simple green and powerwashing.

end after blastOnce the benefits of powerwashing, scraping and all are thoroughly exhausted I get the air nozzle out and hose this down with high pressure, high velocity air.  Earplugs are nice while you do this as the potential for eardrum discomfort is high.  I’ll remove and clean the transmission spacer and oil galley cover soon.

00121 frontHere’s the front.  Note that 00121 engines are made from the same casting as 00112 engines.  I’m not sure what the differences are between 00121 and 00112 engines.  Anyone?

00121 gutsAs a matter of fact I did use a razorblade to carefully remove the old oil pan gasket.  I used a tiny, fine tooth file to smooth out any nicks at the edge of the gasket surface.  Ready for action!

00121 water jacketOn my Sprint engine this area was quite corroded.  This one is nearly perfect.  Headgasket sealing surface was also gently scrapped clean.  I’ll clean the faces the liners and liner seals sit on later.

00121 dryingA little white glove treatment for the fresh from the spa engine block.  Heat gun is good for heating it up enough to evaporate any trapped water.  I just set it on the engine so it blows hot air on the engine walls near oil passages.

00121 threadsWhile the heat gun evaporates any remaining moisture out of the engine I set to cleaning up some other stuff.  Here I am using a die to chase really stubborn black goo of some sort from the threads.  One of the front cover studs is broken.  Will get fix it on my next visit with the patient.

00121 assemblyI was on a roll so I removed and blasted the transmission spacer and cleaned the two shallow head bolts that hold it on.  Should I get this thing cad plated or paint it black?  I also removed and cleaned the oil galley cover and bolts.  The gasket was in good shape so I reused it.  I will get some gasket sealer on it before I do a final tightening on these bolts.  Last thing I did was clean polish and mount the breather.  I know the concours judge would deduct a point for using stainless nuts instead of getting the originals cad plated, but I don’t care.

00121 main bearingsI dug the .010 over main bearing shells out of their box and installed them.  I couldn’t find my Redline assembly lube so I borrowed a little and set the crank in place.  This afternoon I’ll find my assembly lube, clean up the crank, install it with cleaned up main caps and test fit the timing gears.

hoodis?I don’t remember the 1300 having one of these.  What is it?  Was between the rear main seal and the outer number 4 counterweight.  Anyone?  I know, just look in the parts book.

There you have it, 2.5 hours of totally non-exemplary fussing with my 1600 Veloce engine.  Today if time allows I’ll measure the piston ring  grooves and bore diameters to see if I can reuse the piston/liner set.  If so I’ll clean them up and to get them ready for install add a set of hastings piston rings to my next Centerline shopping list.

Yes, as a matter of fact I do get a little discount for plugging Centerline, so do me a favor and mention to them you saw them mentioned here. Got an Alfa business I can plug in exchange for a discount? Drop me a line…

The next installment is here.

This link will take you to part one of the engine rebuild.


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