69 GTV go over: Getting it roadworthy

Finally I am somewhat done with the TI, it being for sale and all, and can get on to the next thing, getting the GTV roadworthy so I can find out if it’s capable of being my winter car this year. It fires right up and runs okay, has strong brakes and clutch, most of the lights etc work and the interior is not embarrassing so I am confident it will be able to fill that role admirably. It lost all it’s coolant through the water pump last month so I at least know I have to tackle that, and the flexible mounts for the carbs were so badly cracked that if I pushed down on the carbs while it was running it would lean out so much it would die. Both easy enough to remedy with a phone call and a few days later the receiving of a box from Centerline via UPS with brand new replacement parts.

venturi lost

To get the water pump out it’s easiest to just pull the coolant overflow bottle, radiator, alternator and anything else in the way. I spotted this silver thing in the greasy bowels of the engine compartment.

venturi foundLook at that, it’s the number 1 choke! Turns out the spring clip is worn out, so it can just make its’ way out when ever it wants. Hmmm.

old water pumpThis hose arrangement is kind of weird, with the two hoses clamped together, no leaks form here though… I really should clean this but I think I’ll just pressure wash it when I get done.

water pump in a bagThe item, a new water pump from Centerline. These used to come in a box and had some instructions, now you just get a plastic bag with a water pump in it like a pound of apples.

tach driveA quick dip in some kerosene makes the tach drive look better than it has in years. Don’t forget the gasket.

carbs going onYou never know what it’s going to require to pull all this apart, so I decided to do the flexible mounts and intake gasket before I put the cooling system back together. You can just see the new water pump here. Yes, that is factory screwdriver placement.

deep in the intakeI didn’t want to get gas all over when I undid the line so I just set the carbs on the valve cover. Note the vintage Bosch blue coil.

manifold coming offThis was surprisingly easy to get apart and the gasket was in one piece. Too bad I have to tear it up to remove the old flexible mounts. I should just do the head gasket while I’m in here…

So I got carried away and stopped taking pictures, but you can all imagine what it looked like when it all went back together. Took about 4 hours and runs like a champ now with no water leak or leaning out of the mixture due to cracked flexible mounts.

Once the intake and cooling systems were happy I turned my attention to some other little problems like a drivers door with a nonfunctional inside door handle, a loose drivers side quarter window and a lack of a horn.

weldingWhen I removed the door panel I discovered that the studs that mount the arm rest were both broken free of this bracket and made removing the panel a real pain. I lined them up in the bracket by assembling it to the armrest and for the first time ever without any supervision, I used a welder and welded the studs to the plate.

So the reason the door didn’t want to open from the inside was that I was pushing down instead of up on the handle. D’oh! At least I got to feel the thrill of successful welding. The horn proved to be even easier, a disconnected spade connector.

I had to make a two rubber washers out of some sheet rubber and a grommet out of some vacuum line to mount the latch mechanism to the quarter window but now it’s in no danger of falling off at speed.

I did a hot lap in the car, getting over 50 mph and about 1000 little leaves came billowing out of the ventilation system. I guess I have some work to do in there. I wish someone would buy my TI so I could order some more parts for this thing and get a little body work done.

Click here to read about my acquisition of this charmer.


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