Market 118: Nice Giulietta TI in Mexico

Update 3/18/10: Story continues only the sale venue has changed… now available at MaercadoLibre for $95,000, pesos that is.  About $7300.  A good deal methinks if you are cool with the idea of buying a car out of Mexico…

A little Q&A from the ad:

Q: “buddy for the linkage is that if you put it like this for the velocities to the column has not been since ?—- and second type of box I adapt it ?…. I have on hand 80 one after another? if you are not interested ‘… and if you can send more pictures of the board trunk etc. .. saludos”

A: “he adapted the case of an Alfa Romeo, the original box tiene.junta not more money (notice it’s clear I’m not topping.)”

Update 10/12/09: 2 bidders, $6100, reserve met.  I wonder if it sold?  Would be a great bargain at that price if it was around here!

Update 9/29/09: Back on eBay after a brief respite.  This TI seems like a pretty good deal for someone in the western hemisphere looking for one.

Update 5/28/09: Sold! $7000, reserve met with 13 bids.  Andrew says: “Seems like a steal if you’re in Mexico or have an assured way of getting it out of the country.”  I agree.  Let’s see if it sticks.

1959 Giulietta TI 1468*22622.  This car is available right now on eBay out of Guadalajara Mexico.  Seller states it is a 1960 model, but from the time of manufacture to crating it up to be finish assembled in Mexico by Willy’s, a period import requirement to provide jobs, to the time spent on a show room floor, I could see a year or more easily passing.

!BS0oNIwB2k~$(KGrHgoOKiYEjlLmep38BKFHvZYtl!~~_3I really like this series of Giulietta Sedan.  The grill work up front has a more jovial expression than the Sprint and Spider.  Overall the car looks good.  I like the color and everything seems to fit together well.

!BS0oPu!!Wk~$(KGrHgoOKjoEjlLmErDsBKFHvmmcpg~~_3That fuel filler door must be really low if it’s even with the top of the rear wheel.  Apparently Mexico used European style lights in 1960.  Or maybe you could use whatever lights you wanted…  Rear bumper chrome looks good.

!BS0oQwQ!2k~$(KGrHgoOKi8EjlLmZdNYBKFHvst5eg~~_12That gold thing looks like a state fair ribbon center.  Paint looks to be of good quality.  This tail light has a crack.

Auction text: “1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI.  Restored to 90% from 9 years ago, the engine has about 8000 kms. (the wire of the speedometer doesn’t work) Repaired with original parts from alfa ricambi (usa), missing electrical repair details .Also missing gaskets doors, trunk and chest. Still need minor cosmetic repairs, the painting has details on trunk, driver side front panel, right side rear door. The upholstery  was made when the car was restored, original style.  Supension in good conditions and rebuilt brakes (adapted pump) rear lights with a small crack. Small scratch in the windshield. Minor corrosion in front chasis.  Brand new Pirelli P3000 tires.  Box 4-speed transmission and reverse, adapted to the floor (the original was in the steering column).  This car was imported to Mexico by Willys Mexicana SA came in a wooden box, arrived in the port of Veracruz (in this time the Mexican government didn’t allowed the entry of orders that were not assembled in Mexico to provide Mexican labor to work, so came unarmed without tires, doors, hood, trunk and seats. Here they were assembled, and thus was fulfilled the standard)  Has been exhibited in several shows and events such as Gala Internacional del automovil en Mexico, in Mexico City, the tour of Tepic, Nayarit, Guadalajara, Zapotlanejo, Jalisco, etc.  Has always been in garage and covered with a proper cover. I am selling this car because I have no time to use it. I can ship the car to the U.S. ,  Laredo TX for $ 1,400 usd. delivered by a customs agent Any questions ask before biding, car is 2 blocks from embassy of the United States of America in Guadalajara. If you are from U.S. maybe you can ask for an inspection by some one there.”

!BS0oSBgBWk~$(KGrHgoOKiUEjlLmV48!BKFHv0iCwQ~~_12Remote oil filter is interesting and convenient.  Head is correct 101 1300.  Air cleaner housing is correct.  Looks like a Tudor washer bottle.

!BS0oTnQ!Wk~$(KGrHgoOKjgEjlLmZRFRBKFHv-Fh)!~~_3Would I worry about this rot?  I really depends on what I would buy this car for.  It’s too nice to ‘restore properly’ as I hear said all too often (and what does that mean anyway?) and it’s not so fast and agile as currently set up that a little structural non-integrity is a big deal here.  I guess I would want to see more pictures, hopefully before paint.  Fuel pump looks nice and new.

!BS0od8!Bmk~$(KGrHgoOKj4EjlLm(n4WBKFHw0vtGg~~_3Interior detailing is in good shape.  These cars have a quirky dash.  Amp gauge’s seem to have been popular in the 50’s and 60’s.

!BS0oQ-Q!2k~$(KGrHgoOKkUEjlLmVks,BKFHvt3B1!~~_12Upholstery looks pretty good.  Ashtray, door controls and all are presentable.  I’m not sure but I think a lot of these cars had hounds tooth material for seat covers.

!BS0oRTgBGk~$(KGrHgoOKjQEjlLmVoWOBKFHvwDOqg~~_12Headliner is extremely clean and fits perfectly as far as I can see.  I like the dome light.

There are not many of the 4 door Giulietta’s in North America and they seem to be every bit as valuable as a similar Spider or Sprint but probably require a special kind of buyer.  I would jump all over this car in a heartbeat and may enter the fray if it doesn’t go for much.  Might be an interesting adventure to fly down and drive it home.

How much is it worth?  How much will it sell for?  It’s very hard to say given it has to be shipped out of Mexico but I’d make a play for it if I thought I could get it home for $6 – 7000.  Below are two auctions for Sprints in Mexico.  I make some points about what the average non-Mexican would think about a car being sold out of Mexico and they apply here as well.

Interim Sprint in Mexico.

Eyebrow Sprint in Mexico.


8 thoughts on “Market 118: Nice Giulietta TI in Mexico

  1. Looks pretty decent, although that’s a weird area for rust, since it mostly gets coated with oil on older cars. If you win it, I’ll sneak it across the border with you!

  2. That’s dirt cheap. Dave Mericle Jr. has a Series 2 1960 RIGHT hand drive Giulietta TI berlina for sale that he got out of New Zealand. I think he wants about $15,000 for it, but he has done a lot of mechanical work on it.

  3. Matt,
    You say car has a more jovial look to the front end. Other than the 2 bars in the grille area what structural changes or difference to some part of the shape makes it what you say. Are the body stampings the same as a sprint? Its a little hard to see because of the angle of the photo.

    • When seen head on the grill work and stampings have a sort of friendly smile. As far as metal stamping goes, I don’t think much of anything would be the same as a Sprint or Spider.


  4. im actually living in guadaajara, so im up for checking it out.
    what do you think about it? how feasible is to use one like this one as a daily means of transportation? what should i take in considderation? how often is it going to let me down on foot?

    • Diego,

      These cars are by nature very reliable and tough. Whether this particular car would be a good car for you depends on the condition of this example and your ability to know what to do when it gives you the signs that it needs help.

      Go for it!


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