Market 149: One owner 1600 Spider Veloce kit

Update 9/28/09: 39 bidders managed to get it up to $10,100 but the reserve was not met.    That price would have represented a good buy, heck, anything under about $15,000 would be a good buy to someone who can put it together from all those parts in the pictures.  It costs the same amount and takes the same amount of time to restore a Normale versus a Veloce and the Veloce ends up worth nearly twice what the Normale is so there is no reason this car shouldn’t go for good money.

Giulia Spider Veloce 1600 10118*39018X.  This 1964 one owner Spider is on eBay out of Milwakee Wisconsin right now.  Seller has withheld the last number in the vin “for privacy”.  This is sort of funny since for new vehicles the VIN is a requirement and 85%+ of old vehicles (Alfa’s at least) list their vin.  Sounds like typical ingenuous internet paranoia to me.

1600 veloce pass angleBody looks okay.  Door shut lines aren’t great, hood fit isn’t either.  Wheels need finishing.  I think the new owner will have a lot to do.

1600 veloce drive sideDoor on this side fits better.  Front end details around the center grill opening look good.

1600 veloce nose belowUnderside of the chin is smooth.  That drain hole in the middle of the edge is usually pretty busted up.  Note overspray on suspension components.

Auction text: “Original Owner 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce.

Original title from ’65. Documentation from Alfa Romeo Automobilisimo Storico Centro Documentazione. All original car with correct Veloce bits. Paint and Body work done to high standard in original color. $17k in paint and body alone. Paint and Body in Perfect condition.  Needs only easy re-assembly and miscellaneous chrome and interior.

Original 1600 Veloce engine longblock in crate, gone through, ready to install. Other parts crated. Some NOS parts included. All parts included for re-assembly.

I reserve the right to end the auction at any time and accept the highest bid.”

1600 veloce noseBetter view of nose details confirms my earlier opinion that the center is good.

veloce above 1600I guess the hood being loose is a good reason for it to not fit well!  Dash and steering wheel are present.

1600 veloce floor panLooks like they just sprayed right over anything  that was on the floor boards.  Seat track lowers are nice to have, though they don’t have the angled cut that Spiders usually have on the outers.  Maybe set in backward?

1600 veloce trunkA little better than the floor boards here.  For some reason a really smooth nice trunk in these cars is important.  Attention to detail is what it says to me.

veloce engine 1600Inadvertantly defining crate motor.  Has the right valve cover at least and reputed to have been gone through.

1600 veloce engine vinI have looked at this engine number a few times and it just doesn’t look right to me.  They had figured out how to do a good job stamping engines by 1964.  See below for comparison.

IMG_0163No anbiguity here, no numbers stretched out or overlapping or difficult to read.  Maybe they photoshopped some ambiguity into the engine number “for privacy”.

This series of Giulia Spider was identified by Sports Car Market as being among 10 cars to watch since they were of the opinion that they would be appreciating.   A car in this shape, with out rusty floors etc should do pretty well if the link to the parts included that my companies firewall blocks shows everything present and in fixable shape.

A similar but obviously better car.
Another 1600 Veloce project.

What you would have when done.


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