Market 138: 750D Spider project

Update 10/12/09:  $4250, 25 bids, reserve met.  Doesn’t happen very often that a car does better the second time around.  This means my Spider is under-priced!

Update 9/28/09: It’s back. I guess the high bidder last time got cold feet.

Update 8/10/09: Sold for $3102 with 15 bidders. I guess this means my $4000 asking for my Spider is about right.

Giulietta Spider 1495*05384. This project car is available right now on eBay out of British Columbia Canada. $400 opening bid is a sensible starting place and with the amount of information given about the car it may not be far from the end price. To it’s credit it is basically complete.

Spider 05384 noseAverage Spider checks in for some work and never checks out. The body looks to have been in pretty good shape. Rust, rust and rust seem to have exerted themselves. No quarter (wing) windows. Sigh.

05384 engine compI can see the well meaning owner dutifully removing the head to see what the problem is. Timing chain is pulled out of the way, spark plug leads moved aside, throttle linkage and exhaust manifold disconnected. Then Visuvius erupts and this moment is frozen in time, only to be unearthed years later. It would be nice if the block is salvageable if it’s original.

05384 interiorSeats are a big deal if missing. Assume they are. More evidence of a decent car left to die. Steering wheel and mirrors are not so hot.

05384 engineI think the message is that this engine comes with it. Note oil pan. 1600? 1750? 2 liter? I vote 1600.

05384 vin plateNumbers. This is hopefully screwed to the underside of the hood.

This is an early car and should be saved or at least stored correctly until it is viable value-wise. Good thing it’s not in my neighborhood or I’d have to think about it.

Worse car.

Similar car.

Better car and exactly 2 numbers younger than the subject of this post.


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