A new page and suggestions please

This story, that each of these cars is a part of the unfolding of, has a perfect format for the telling and I am struggling to find it. I have been writing a “Giulietta models” page on and off for months and every time I work on it I think it might be time to build a real website with links to pages and all but this too would lead to limitations.

The story is all at once a history with a genesis, a genealogy, accounts of the heroic deeds of remarkable family members and the humans that operated them on race tracks and winding mountain roads, a tale of economic forces, a tale of product life-cycle and today a tale of restoration, preservation and history. I have been telling this tale ad hoc, as the material comes available and time allows, but the time is coming when the whole singular tale could be told from the pieces.

An early SS advertising photo.

An early SS advertising photo.

So what am I getting at here? I guess this is another call for help. You all know how you would like the story to look, how the pieces would fit together and tell the larger tale. I want some recommendations. Is there a book I should get that is exemplary in its presentation of this sort of history? I have a lot of Alfa history type books but they all focus on a piece of the story, and even the best are budget limited and thereby content limited by the publisher.

Have a look at the beginnings of the new page and send me an email or post a comment.

By the way, woo hoo, this is my 300th post!


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