1495*00004 Bertone Spider Prototype 2

In the last Spider prototype post I looked at was 1495*00002. Alfa liked that car but found it a bit alienating for their more traditional customers so Bertone was sent back to the drawing board and this car, 1495*00004 emerged. There are definitely cues from 00002 that carried over, but there are also new elements. This design is attributed to Franco Scaglione.

argiuliettabertoneThis picture from google images. I have a picture of this car form Pebble Beach a few years back somewhere. It does share the look of the BAT cars but to me also seems to predict the Zagato treatments that Giulietta’s would see. Note lack of a top cross bar on the windshield assembly and the cut down angled side windows.

resize20of20bertonegtta1Here’s 00004 waiting for some work at Galbiati’s. Hood vents and color among other things are not original.

bertonegtta2Another view. All manner of amazing machinery can be seen waiting for the masters hand. note Sprint type trunk airplane.

Not sure where the above pictures came from but if they are yours or you know, let me know so I can give credit where it is due.

argiuliettabertone2Everything about this car is great, even the gold. If it’s a Sprint under all the fancy bodywork I bet it’s fun to drive and fast.

While searching for further information on this car I found show entry after show entry, it seems the current owner is proud of their prize, and they should be. If I had a pile of money I would get this car together with 00002 and the BAT cars and corner the market.


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