Market 144: Naked 750 Sprint project

Update 9/15/09: 24 bids resulted in a selling price of $15,100.  This seems like a lot of money but is not surprising since this car has very little rust, is Mille Miglia elligible (1957 production or before) and runs as it is.   Well sold and if Sprints finally follow a heirarchy similar to 356’s in their valuation breakdown based on age and speciffication, I suspect it will have been well bought.

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*04813, 1315*04310.  This car is on eBay right now out of Newport Beach from the same seller who has brought us a lot of decent Sprint projects and frankly, has set the standard for great presentation.  I don’t know where the paint went, but its absence definitely allows for a warts and all view of the car and it looks very good.

frontclose2There is some lead in the nose, but it looks pretty straight.  Headlight rings, grill and bumper fit well enough.  One marker light is broken and the eyebrows are missing.


rightsideSuspension looks a little high.  Door fit is good.  Lots of lead around the windshield corner but that is how they made the body meet the windshield.  They had a wooden frame that showed where the clearance had to be.  Rockers look great. 

leftrearMIB918 looks familiar.  I think I have seen this car before but can’t place it.  Trunk fits very well.  Bumper needs chrome, but at least it is present, though it’s a later bumper with built in licence lights.

rightrearunderndoorVery dry car in evidence here.  Almost as good as mine!

rightfrontunderSeller claims this is a common mod, putting the antennae under the car.  I’ve never seen it before but it makes sense.  I might even have to try it!  Note dry sill on this side too.

engineleftCar has seen some color changes over the years.  Tudor wash bottle is present which is rare.  It runs, but I wonder how well and what its vitals (compression, clearances etc) are?

dataplateNumbers for the numbers folks.  Bertone number is 654203, Vin is about 600 higher.  Further evidence that they made about 600 lightweight Veloces by this time.

underhoodCurious repair.  No evidence of anyone trying to shoehorn a V8 in it or anything.  Maybe just a fix after someone shut the hood on a bowling ball that happened to be sitting on the valve cover?

sillplatesGiulietta Sprint marked welcome mats.  Nice.

trunkFreshly repaired trunk floor looks good.

dashnseatsBlack and white interior with a light blue car is a pretty good combo.  $500 worth of Steering wheel required.

The word on the street is that lower end classic cars are off as much as 30% with the economy the way it is.  Will this car buck the trend or surprise us with a strong result?  In a few short days we’ll know the answer.

A worse car.

A better car.

Both from the same seller!


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