Market 147: Sprint Veloce racer 1493E09676

Giulietta Sprint 1493E09676, 1315*32720. This car is available right now out of Finland on RaceCarsforSale with an asking price of 32,000 Euro’s. It looks to be mainly a track car, but since it started life as a street car it shouldn’t be too much trouble to make it street worthy if that is your desire -I know it would be mine.

960_3Looks tight and racy. Body is in good shape on cursory inspection. Presence of trim, windshield wipers and lights makes me think it is probably driveable on the street as is. Rear wheels look widened.

historic-race-cars-960_1Tucked in and moving. Side windows have been converted to Veloce light-weight style aluminum frame and sliding pane. I wonder what the weight savings is? Trick mod nonetheless. Side mirror placement is right out of a 1960’s Japanese moster movie.

960_6Hi-tech fuel cell and trunk lid prop. Aren’t you supposed to hang the cell from the trunk floor to lower your center of gravity? Is the tail pipe red or is it reflecting something red? Note the presence of the stock trunk latch and a pair of rubber ball in slot style tie downs.

960_5Quarter windows also have aluminum frames. A 200 gram savings no doubt. The usual race car interior blah applies here.

960_4Meaningful to someone…

There you have it, a race prepped Sprint Veloce in Scandinavia. A week in Helsinki is reason enough to go check this thing out if your pocket book allows. Price seems a tad high but that’s just a first draft from which to begin editing.

Similar but worse Car.

Similar Normale.

Similar car.


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